Rivian R1T Pickup

Cool Features of the Electric 2022 Rivian R1T Pickup

The 2022 Rivian R1T electric truck is capable of performing virtually all of the tasks expected of a half-ton pickup, and it does so while providing at least 314 miles of range, a variable-height suspension that improves fuel economy and increases available ground clearance, and enough available power to complete a 0-60 mph sprint in 3.0 seconds. It can also pull up to 11,000 pounds. Those qualifications stand on their own as being quite impressive.

However, releasing a new pickup in the United States is like cutting off an arm and then going for a swim in shark-infested waters at night. When you factor in the R1unorthodox T's powerplant, an already challenging road to acceptance becomes much more so. Furthermore, the pickups available now are excellent. Rivian has a formidable uphill battle, as seen by the existence of the Ford F-150 Power Boost Hybrid.

Although it could be challenging for a new gasoline-powered vehicle to stand out in this market, the R1electric T's propulsion system provides it with certain advantages. In our comprehensive analysis of the Rivian R1T, we covered everything you need to know about its serious performance and off-road capabilities. However, there are a number of noteworthy details that went unmentioned. There are many  2022 Rivian r1t features and details that we appreciate.

It's Time to Enter the Transmission Tube

Among the R1many T's impressive abilities, this is undoubtedly the coolest. The Gear Tunnel is a compartment that may be accessible from either the driver's or passenger's side of the truck, and it spans the length of the vehicle between the cab and the bed. Just for kicks, this is awesome since it can be put to use fastening lengthy objects that wouldn't fit elsewhere in the vehicle securely. Rivian's early accessories, such the ironing-board-like "Shuttle" platform (shown above left) and the associated auxiliary camp kitchen, may be mounted to this table (above right).

Gear Tunnel of Rivian R1T

Gear Tunnel of Rivian R1T (Source)

The on-board air compressor

This is fantastic for folks who take their pickup trucks off-road often, in addition to being useful in a wide variety of other contexts. After deflating the tires for tough terrain, the internal T's compressor has a detachable line long enough to reach any of the tires for re-inflation. To inflate, just select the desired pressure and click a button; the bag will quickly fill with air while you attend to other matters.

 Onboard Air Compressor

Onboard Air Compressor (Source)

The campfire performer

With a weight of about 5 pounds, this Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker docks neatly within the R1center T's console when not in use (above right). When docking isn't an option, you may charge it while it's stored or by connecting it to a different USB Type-C port.

The fabulous new Rivian R1T

The fabulous new Rivian R1T (Source)

Camera for the Gear Guard

This aids in keeping valuables safe while you sleep, or at least catches would-be burglars in the act. Simply secure your load using Gear Guard cables, and if anyone tries to tamper with it while the truck is secured, the above cartoon will appear on the internal screen to warn them that they are being watched. Do you think it will work? Perhaps it will work out, but it seems like a better option than tethering a Rottweiler to the bedpost.

Rivian’s Gear Guard Security System  

Rivian’s Gear Guard Security System (Source)

The door-mounted flashlight with built-in storage

Have you ever seen a Rolls-Royce (or a Volkswagen Passat) with an umbrella holder in the door? How about a pickup truck in the United States?

Have it your way now. In short, it's a useful tool, and that's about all there is to say about it. The citizens of Rivian appear to be pretty content.

Rivian’s Flashlight 

Rivian’s Flashlight (Source)

The carabiner-shaped keychain

You're right, there's not a lot to comment about. Nothing here to see, go along. We simply find it appealing.

Rivian Carabiner Key Fob

Rivian Carabiner Key Fob (Source)

Have a spare tyre and/or storage space under the bed.

We understand that getting to the massive spare tyre in the back may not be the most graceful manoeuvre. But that may be better than digging beneath the back of your damaged truck after a crash on the route. You may ditch the tyre and use the full bin to store whatever you don't mind getting wet.

Rivian Under-bed Storage 

Rivian Under-bed Storage (Source)

The Frunk

Absolutely, a frunk is included on the R1T. Most trucks don't have frunks, which are more commonly associated with sports vehicles and high-end performance machines with mid- or rear-mounted internal combustion engines. The R1nose T features a large amount of lockable, weatherproof storage, a feature uncommon in ICE vehicles but common in EVs. Its 11-cubic-foot capacity is similar to that of a two-door coupe's trunk.

 Rivian’s Frunk

Rivian’s Frunk (Source)

Tent and bed supports with crossbars

Having roof rails is a must for installing cross bars, although they are uncommon on trucks. Beds with bars across their length are more typical. The R1T provides the ability to mount the same auxiliary cross bars on the roof or across the bed, serving dual purposes. The latter configuration, seen on right, is suitable for a tent. 

Crossbar Feature of Rivian R1T

Crossbar Feature of Rivian R1T (Source)

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