Good care can maximize your Tesla resale value

Good care can maximize your Tesla resale value

That feeling when you get your first Tesla delivery – it’s second to none. Offering quick acceleration and great handling with a surprisingly calm engine, it’s one of the safest cars in the world. From the smooth powertrain to the immersive Tesla Infotainment system, everything is top notch. Even the resale value of Tesla is great.

But that shiny glimmer in your eyes while admiring your Tesla could fade into hints of nervousness. The reason? No matter how delicate you get with your beloved Tesla, she is going to lose that charm in a few weeks of the inevitable wear and tear. After all, you’re not going to keep it in that garage for long, right?

Which begs question like: ‘How to maintain my Tesla’s showroom quality?’ and ‘How can I maximize my Tesla resale value?’ Buckle up as we dive into some tips for keeping your car like brand new.

Keep it Clean

This might seem pretty obvious, and it is! Cleanliness is a simple and important step to maintain the resale value of Tesla. There’s nothing better than regular cleans to keep your ride shining like new. It prevents the car from dirt/stain buildups and protects you from the removal expenses. Just make sure your Tesla remains in tip-top condition, and it will prove beneficial for you in the long run.

Regular cleans can prevent dirt from building up on your Tesla (Source)

Don't Park in the Sun

The Sun is your Tesla’s biggest enemy, mind it. Over time the UV rays can fade the paint in addition to heating up the interior in a pretty uncomfortable way. And once that shine dims away, your Tesla resale value is going to suffer a drop in numbers. Just make sure you park your Tesla in the shade and it will be safe from these consequences. If by chance you are unable to find shade, a car cover is your best shot at maintaining your car’s quality for longer.

Care for your Tesla interior

The gorgeous interior is by far one this EV’s best aspects. Make sure to keep it that way if you wish for a good resale value of Tesla. Do your best to avoid and protect the interior from any spills, debris, dirt and grime. Here are some simple ways to start you off.

Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking inside your Tesla. If you can’t resist the temptation, keep a handy vacuum cleaner to clear any unwanted mess. Quality seat covers are your shield against stains and spills.

Tesla is a good option for riding with pets owing to its advancements like the Dog Mode. But it doesn’t take much time for your furry friend to get overexcited. Their mischievous antics might seem harmful, but you will find the consequences when calculating your Tesla resale value after 5 years. So, if you’re a fur parent consider getting a back seat pet cover.

You Tesla comes with stock floor mats, but they can’t keep away dirt, snow, and sand altogether. Many Tesla owners pick all-weather floor mats, a reasonable choice that gets the job done whether it’s snowy season or a camping expedition in your Tesla.

Your Tesla touchscreen is sensitive and needs to be handled with care. Fingerprints, scratches, smudges, sunlight – that’s a lot of things you need to protect it from. Consider getting yourself a good screen protector.

Waxing your Tesla interior is a thoughtful option to protect it from sunlight.

Shield your Tesla touchscreen with a quality screen protector (Source)

Wheels make Deals

Bent or damaged rims are no pleasant sight for any car owner. Tesla cars are notorious for curbing and rim rashes, so that is one thing you should be keeping a close eye on. Scraped rims can come back to haunt you when you check your Tesla resale value after 5 years or so.

It can be difficult to contend with all the challenges the road throws your way while driving. But a higher Tesla resale value is more than enough motivation to keep things steady while you’re on the road. Make sure you don’t rush when parallel parking, and try to drive through curbs steadily.

Drive safe to maintain the pristine quality of your Tesla rims (Source)

Final Thoughts

These tips aren’t necessarily for those planning to sell their Tesla. It can help you save money down the road. Teslas are an investment, one that last for years. Plus, the cars have high resale value with the company being a pioneer in the EV market.

CarEdge has given us some pretty good estimates for starters to look at. 5 years after purchase, the Tesla Model Y resale value stands at $29,758. Similarly, $26,372 is the estimated Tesla resale value Model 3.

You might not feel the need to sell your Tesla any time soon, but a little care won’t do any harm. Think of it as peace of mind, for when you finally plan to part ways with your car for a newer model.

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