How to get the most range out of your Tesla

How to get the most range out of your Tesla

Tesla's sales have grown tremendously in recent years, yet many people are still unfamiliar with them. Most EV buyers have never owned one and may not know proper charging and battery care. Your EV's battery health is crucial. Here's how to maximize your Tesla's range with a few tesla tips and tricks:

Tips for preserving the range of your Tesla

Despite the fact that each driver's environmental circumstances and driving behaviors may impact their Tesla's mile range differently, there are a number of habits and Tesla range tips you can adopt to maintain your battery operating at peak efficiency.

In addition, there are some driving situations (both preventable and unavoidable) that may be mitigated to preserve the battery life of your Tesla.

For instance, the following less-than-ideal situations might place additional stress on your battery:

  • Driving at a rapid pace
  • Stop-and-go congestion (Looking at you, Los Angeles)
  • repeated short journeys
  • Uphill driving
  • Poor weather, such as rain, snow, and headwinds

Establish a daily charge schedule

Consistent charging may do wonders for the battery of your Tesla. They can at least assist preserve tesla range, if not enhance it.

Maintain a regular charging schedule with a low-voltage AC household charger first and foremost. This method will place less strain on the battery than DC Supercharging. Save the speedier, high-voltage charges for when you need to recharge rapidly while travelling.

Before a lengthy road trip, the only time you may want to juice up to 100 percent is to extend range in Tesla. Even so, it is preferable to charge the SoC to 100 percent right prior to departure to prevent leaving it charged for too long.

Tesla Model 3

The 2022 Tesla Model 3 comes with the longest range (Source)

Reducing Aerodynamic drag

Consistent charging may do wonders for your Tesla's battery. They can help maintain range, if not increase it.

First and foremost, maintain a regular charging schedule with a low-voltage AC home charger. DC Supercharging will be less taxing on the battery than this approach. Reserve the faster, higher-voltage charges for when you need to quickly recharge while travelling.

Prior to a lengthy road trip, the only time you may want to fully charge your vehicle is to maximize its range. However, it is better to charge the SoC to 100 percent immediately prior to leaving to avoid leaving it charged for an excessive amount of time.

Lastly, if possible, keep the windows open while driving. Conversely, avoid very cold air conditioning wherever feasible. We recognize that the situation is a bit of a catch-22.

There will undoubtedly be wonderful spring days that call for "4-65 A/C" (four windows down at 65 mph) and brutally hot summer days that need an igloo-like interior. Simply keep these guidelines in mind and endeavor, though not always, to avoid these behaviors.

Additional Tips on getting the most out of your Tesla's range

  • Tesla suggests 42-45 PSI (cold) for tyre pressure, although this varies by model.
  • Take as little with you as possible and try to avoid checking bags. Your kettlebells are only taking up space in your trunk, so either gives them away or start using them.
  • Turn off any extras that you won't be utilizing, such as Sentry Mode and the cabin overheat protection.
  • To the extent possible, refrain from using the center console as a phone charger.
  • If you want your battery to last longer and perform better, choose Scheduled Departure.
  • Range Mode is available in the Driving options of the Model X and Model S — It reduces energy consumption by decreasing HVAC operation.

The Verdict

The above mentioned tips will help you get the most range out of your Tesla. If you’re also a Tesla owner and love reading about Tesla, purchasing amazing Tesla Aftermarket essentials, or making new upgrades to your car, visit Pimp My EV Now!

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