How to Improve Storage in a Tesla

How to Improve Storage in a Tesla

When it comes to the amount of space offered for storage, Tesla's automobiles are known for being among the best in the industry. Not only does each model have a large trunk in addition to a frunk, but also, because the battery pack is placed under the floor pan, a Tesla does not require the transmission "hump" that limits interior space (and looks ugly, to boot) in a gas-powered vehicle. This is because the battery pack is placed under the floor pan. However, despite the fact that your Tesla has a lot of room inside, its design style is minimalistic. 

After you've had your Tesla for a time, you may realize that you need some more storage space to keep all of your belongings in one place. Why? We live in our vehicles. When we're on the road, it serves as our home base. If you have to wait at a Supercharger for a while, you may do some work in the passenger compartment while you wait. There are, however, times when Tesla does not offer adequate storage space. This happens far too frequently. Here are a few ideas that may come in handy for you.

Let’s take a look at some brilliant ideas to increase the storage of your tesla with some cost-effective Tesla accessories and tips:

Tesla Trunk Organizer

The trunks of Teslas offer a good deal of storage space, and there is much more space available in a cargo well that is concealed beneath the trunk's floor. The cargo storage, on the other hand, is merely a recessed open space; it does not have any dividers to assist you to arrange and condensing your belongings, organizing trunk storage or maintaining the area tidy and clean. It's possible that a durable collapsible trunk organizer  or a will do the trick.

Folding vegan leather trunk organizer for Tesla

Folding vegan leather trunk organizer for Tesla (Source)

Frunk Cooler

The Tesla frunk is a one-of-a-kind invention that provides you just a little bit more space for storage. But here's a way to truly get the most out of your frunk, particularly on camping excursions, tailgate parties, or other activities that take place outside: keep your food and beverages refrigerated with our Frunk Cooler or Tesla Trunk Cooler Organizer which is available for Models X, 3 and Y. This accessory may be purchased separately.
Frunk picnic cool bag for tesla model 3 & y

Frunk picnic cool bag for tesla model 3 & y (source)

Cup Holder Insert

Organize your centre console in style with this upgraded and redesigned organiser. This armrest car storage box comes with a cup holder, unlike a standard organizer. As a result, you may also keep water bottles or mugs in this storage box. Tesery is steadfast in its commitment to putting the needs of its clients first and making their lives easier as a result. The cup holder can only handle a 21 oz water bottle because of the limitations of the stock console storage box. Allows you to keep your wallet, sunglasses, pencils, business cards, or smartphones in the factory large, deep console storage. Allowing for more storage space beneath. Let's go a little nutty!

When used as intended, high-quality silicone mats will keep your belongings from rolling around and rattling while being easy to clean.

Non-slip rubber insert with storage for cup holders for model y

Non-slip rubber insert with storage for cup holders for model y (Source)

Glove Box Organizer

Almost all Tesla Model 3 and Model Y drivers keep essential documents and minor objects in their glove box. It's much easier to find and use the objects stored in this vital storage area when the owner has it organized well. Customized for the Model 3 and Model Y, our glovebox organiser lets you divide and organise the space in the compartment to suit your needs.

Tesla Glove Box Organizer

Tesla Glove Box Organizer from Pimp My EV (Source)

Final Thoughts

It is usually beneficial to enhance the ownership experience with a few things, such as these, that may help maintain the inside tidy, organised, and more practical for both the driver and the passengers. This can be done after you have taken possession of a Tesla.

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