Paint Protection Film on your new Tesla and its benefits

Paint Protection Film on your new Tesla and its benefits

Congratulations on buying your brand-new ride. Pretty sure your Tesla paint colors look neat and shiny as ever. But ask yourself ‘Will it stay that way?’

No Tesla owner on earth would be pleased on the thought of wear and tear on their ride. But it’s inevitable. Mud, dirt, rocks, bird droppings, acid rain, and even the sunlight are going to take turns at spoiling your car paint. And we all know that the stock Tesla paint colors don’t match the quality of the carmaker’s tech advancements. There are loads of aftermarket options to protect your ride. But none of them stand up to an investment in Tesla paint protection film (PPF).

If you’re someone living in the countryside, a Tesla paint protection film is more of a necessity than a luxury for you. Riding through those dusty and rocky paths of the rural settings is not going to work well with the skinny paint job your vehicle originally comes with.

What is a Paint Protection Film?

Originally intended to protect army helicopter blades, the paint protection film burst out into the commercial market thanks to NASCAR. It has since made its way to the consumer market, dedicated to keeping cars safe from everyday wear and tear.

The PPF is a tough and durable polyurethane film that is sandwiched between a clear top coating and an adhesive bottom coating. It’s thickness ranges from 8 to 12 mils, which is 3 times that of your average vinyl wrap. That’s one tough shield right there!

Tesla Paint Protection Film is the perfect investment to maintain your vehicle's shine (Source)

How long will it last?

A good quality paint protection film will give you between 5 to 10 years of faithful service. It’s up to how much you take care of it, and how much time it spends out in the open vs your garage. Choosing a quality brand for your Tesla paint repair kit can give you peace of mind in shape of a 10-year warranty (cracking and yellowing included). The earlier versions of PPF were prone to cracking/yellowing easily.

However, brands have upped their game since the surge in its demand. So, you should get a faithful paint protection companion easily. Currently, XPEL and 3M are the leading manufacturers of Tesla paint repair kits.

What about coverage?

There are no limitations when it comes to PPF coverage. The whole vehicle, certain points, even parts of your Tesla interior. Some people prefer to wrap their whole car while others with a frugal approach prefer covering certain points. Covering the whole Tesla can be a bit too much on the pocket. It’s better to start off with the front package.

The front package of your Tesla means:

  • Hood
  • Headlights
  • Front Bumpers
  • Front Mirrors
  • Front Fenders

Your ride’s rocker panels also rank amongst the high impact points, so consider them getting covered in with Tesla touch up paint, too.

Various points that can be shielded by a Tesla paint protection film (Source)

Benefits for your Tesla

Reduce Paint Chipping: Road debris might as well top the list of the reasons that damage the cosmetic look of any vehicle including a Tesla. Even a tiny bit of gravel/rock can punch through the weak factory coat and add an irritating blemish to your car’s appearance. The 8-12 mil tough shielding of a Tesla paint repair kit can save your beloved vehicle from most of the road debris. It’s a genuine way to reduce the chances of any permanent damage.

Correct Paint Imperfections: Let’s be honest, stock Tesla paint colors are not that accurate. Even fresh deliveries can have minor scratches and imperfections that can dim the whole look if spotted. The adhesive coating of a paint protection film helps to fill these tiny issues, boosting the depth and shine of the paint work. In simple words: PPF can help white Teslas to look neat and provide a shiny look to black ones.

UV Protection: Just like your skin, the paintwork of your Tesla is also prone to harmful UV rays emitted from the Sun. Think of PPF as your car’s sunscreen. Exposing your car to sunlight for long periods of time can cause the paint to fade off, losing it’s glossy shine. But you won’t need to worry about it with a PPF installed.

Final Thoughts

It’s not like Tesla paint protection guarantees a bulletproof effect. However, it does keep paintwork safe from most of the everyday wear & tear factors. Installing a Tesla paint repair kit can guarantee you peace of mind for 5-10 years easy. Take your car to the rural settings or out open in the sun, you will have the protection. All in all, it is the best financial investment for any Tesla owner.

So, you better start searching “Tesla paint protection near me” and get your ride covered up!

Close up view: A Tesla paint protection film being installed (Source)

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