The Most Awaited Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Is Finally Here

The Most Awaited Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Is Finally Here

The most obvious upgrade is the capability to customize the steering wheel, which Tesla has released in a new software update, version 2023.12.1, that includes various new features and enhancements for their vehicles that are, in our perspective, fairly significant. Although we are a few days late, we will go through all the features for you if you didn't receive yours.

New Features and Upgrades in Tesla Vehicles

New Features and Upgrades in Tesla

Phone Call Controls

The first new feature enables users to manage phone calls by answering or rejecting incoming calls, muting or unmuting themselves, and hanging up the call using the steering wheel's left scroll wheel call buttons. This feature, which allows you to keep your hands on the wheel while driving, is fantastic, in our opinion. We detested the previous method of utilizing the interface to accomplish this. Well done, Tesla.

Text Size

The next new feature is the option to alter text size, which so many people have been asking how to accomplish. A few days ago, We were asked if it was possible to modify the font size. We replied that it couldn't be done, and two minutes later, we got this update. We're delighted to inform the person who asked whether they have subscribed and are watching that it is now possible. You can pick between regular and large font sizes by going to your controls, selecting a display, and then text size.

Scroll Wheel Customization

With the ability to customize the amount press the left scroll wheel, Tesla has FINALLY worked out how to incorporate this into the vehicle. Now, if you hold down the left scroll button for a long time, a list of options will appear, letting you perform things like adjust the brightness, open the glove box, change the acceleration mode, save dashcam footage, alter the temperature, defrost the windows, change the fan speed, access the cameras, and switch on the dome lights. To change the default function, go to Controls > Display > Scroll Wheel Function. Do you believe that this is one of the biggest and most beneficial upgrades since the holiday update last year?

Control search

Search can help you find controls and adjust settings much more quickly. Enter a search word under Controls > Search. You may either press the link to go directly to that Controls panel or make adjustments right from the result.

Gear Chimes

The chiming that occurs as you shift gears to move from park to drive to reverse is another new feature. ControlsSafetyGear Chimes allows you to activate or deactivate this feature.

Points of Interest

Seeing images and reviews of locations you enter into your GPS or at Supercharger stations is another great feature. When using Google Maps on a mobile device, selecting an attraction brings up a pop-up with user evaluations and various photographs, which you may peruse through.

Passenger Seat Controls

To make getting into the rear seat and out of the backseat of your Model S or Model X easier, you may now adjust the passenger seat from the rear touchscreen. The passenger seat can be moved forward or backward by holding the corresponding arrow.

Voice Recognition Language

British English has been included as an option for speech recognition software. Select a new voice recognition language from the list found in Controls > Display > Voice Recognition Language.

Nav Improvements

When conducting a search, the distance to each result will now be displayed in either miles or kilometers.

Adjust Wiper Speed limit data

After activating the wipers with a long press of the button on the left stalk, you may now use the scroll wheel to choose the desired wiper speed.

Speed Assist

The final upgrade is now available to Tesla owners worldwide. Improved speed limit data on local roads and highways in certain countries is now possible thanks to your Tesla's new ability to read speed limit signs. When speed restriction signs are detected, they will be shown in the virtual road environment.

Undocumented updates

The modifications listed in the Release notes are the only ones for the time being, but there have been many others behind the scenes. I'll run through them quickly.

Parked visualization

Whenever your Tesla is parked on-screen, you can now spin it to see it from multiple perspectives.

App Drawer

All of the apps in the drawer are now visible. In the past, Frost Defrost and Wipers have hidden away in the app launcher settings.

New Labels

Finally, after an update, new features are marked with "NEW" badges in the menus.

Charging Screen

There has been an upgrade to the charging interface, with the car icon replaced by a larger sliding bar.

Improved Steering Wheel Experience in Tesla Update 2023.12.1

The responsiveness and sensitivity of the steering wheel is one of the major improvements in this version. This change is in response to many Tesla owners' complaints about the prior steering wheel's lack of responsiveness to touch. Users have noted a more pleasant and assured driving experience as a result of the system's more responsive and accurate steering.

In addition, this update brings new controls for the Tesla steering wheel, which may be adjusted by the driver. The level of resistance and feedback felt from the wheel can now be adjusted by the user. The steering feel may be adjusted to suit the driver's preferences, making for a more bespoke driving experience.

The inclusion of haptic feedback to the steering wheel is another much-anticipated feature of this release. Haptic feedback allows the driver to receive tactile sensations through their hands, strengthening contact with the vehicle and raising awareness of their surroundings. Navigational prompts, collision warnings, and similar critical alerts can benefit greatly from this. So that drivers can be alert and in control at all times, Tesla has cleverly built this feature right into the steering wheel.

Enhanced Brightness and Acceleration Mode in Tesla Update 2023.12.1

The improved brightness adjustment system is a notable addition to this revision. The brightness adjustments on previous Tesla models were often criticized for being overly bright or missing customization options. However, these issues have been fixed in version 2023.12.1 of Tesla's software. The brightness of the display in a car can now be finely adjusted by the user, permitting optimum readability in any lighting condition. Owners of Teslas may now quickly and simply set the brightness to their preferred level, regardless of whether they are driving during the day or night.

Enhanced Speed Limit Sign Detection for Improved Safety in Tesla Update 2023.12.1

The upgrade allows Teslas with the appropriate technology to scan and interpret speed limit signs, giving the driver accurate information in real time. When a speed limit sign is recognized, an accurate representation of the sign is shown within the car's virtual road environment, making it clear to drivers that they must adhere to the posted limits. This function helps drivers keep their speeds within the law and prevents them from accidentally going too fast.

Tesla's dedication to using cutting-edge technology to improve safety and driving convenience is on full display with the introduction of speed limit sign detection. Using the car's high-tech sensors and cameras, Tesla engineers created a clever system that precisely reads speed limit signs. This innovative feature not only makes driving more enjoyable but also encourages safe and legal behavior.

This update also improves the quality and reliability of Tesla's speed limit data on local roads and highways in select countries. The latest speed limits will soon be shown in Tesla vehicles, helping drivers stay within the law and making the roads safer for everyone.

"Improved Call Management: Tesla Update Enables Ignoring Calls Safely with Steering Wheel Controls"

Incoming calls can now be ignored in Tesla without the driver having to physically interact with the phone. In the past, Tesla drivers had to utilize the touchscreen interface or their connected smartphones to answer calls, both of which were potentially dangerous distractions. However, with this version, Tesla has fixed this problem once and for all by offering specialized controls for managing incoming and outgoing calls.

The new function allows Tesla drivers to quickly and easily answer or decline incoming calls by utilizing the scroll buttons on the steering wheel. Drivers can now ignore incoming calls by scrolling up or down on the steering wheel, eliminating the need to take their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road. Having call management controls conveniently located on the steering wheel improves safety and helps drivers maintain concentration while on the road.

This update demonstrates Tesla's dedication to enhancing the driving experience in response to consumer input. Rather than forcing drivers to use their phones or the touchscreen to ignore incoming calls, Tesla has developed a more convenient and secure alternative. Thanks to this upgrade, Tesla drivers may easily handle phone calls without diverting their focus from the road.

"Tesla Update 2023.12.1: Addressing User Complaints and Introducing Exciting Enhancements"

  • On-Screen Owner's Manual for Easy Access to Information: Tesla's latest update, 2023.12.1, addresses several user complaints and introduces exciting features to enhance the driving experience. One of the notable additions is the inclusion of an on-screen owner's manual, accessible through the vehicle's touchscreen display. This comprehensive manual provides owners with easy-to-navigate information about their Tesla, allowing them to quickly access important details and troubleshoot issues.
  • Convenient Passenger Seat Adjustment via Voice or Touchscreen: Another improvement in this update is the ability to move the passenger seat forward using voice commands or touchscreen controls. This feature offers convenience and flexibility, particularly for passengers who prefer a more comfortable seating position or require extra legroom.
  • Automatic Saving of Dashcam Footage for Enhanced Security: Furthermore, Tesla has made advancements in the way it handles dashcam footage. The update includes an automatic "saving dashcam footage" feature that ensures critical footage is stored securely.
  • Clear Display of Detected Speed Limit Signs for Improved Awareness: Additionally, the software now recognizes and displays detected speed limit signs on the touchscreen, offering drivers a clear visual representation of the current speed restrictions.
  • Enhanced Camera App for Intuitive Control and Monitoring: In response to user feedback, Tesla has enhanced its camera app, providing users with a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. The updated app allows for seamless control and monitoring of the vehicle's cameras, enhancing safety and convenience during parking and maneuvering.
  • Improved Reliability and Responsiveness of Phone Key Functionality: The phone key functionality has also received attention, with improvements made to enhance its reliability and responsiveness. This feature enables Tesla owners to use their smartphones as keys, unlocking and starting their vehicles with ease.
  • Online Tutorial Videos for Step-by-Step Guidance and Maximum Tesla Experience: Lastly, the 2023.12.1 update introduces a collection of online tutorial videos, accessible through the touchscreen interface. These videos provide step-by-step guidance on various features and functions, empowering owners to maximize their Tesla experience.

With these notable enhancements, Tesla continues to prioritize user satisfaction and deliver cutting-edge features to its ever-growing community of owners.


Tesla's latest update, 2023.12.1, brings a range of exciting enhancements and fixes to address user complaints. From an on-screen owner's manual to easily accessible controls for managing calls without distractions, Tesla is committed to improving the driving experience. Features like moving the passenger seat forward, saving dashcam footage, displaying detected speed limit signs, and enhancing the camera app further enhance convenience and safety.

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