Best Christmas Gifts for Electric Car Drivers 2022

Best Christmas Gifts for Electric Car Drivers 2022

In need of a fantastic present for an electric vehicle (EV) owner or, even better, an EV enthusiast? All electric vehicles are on our minds this holiday season, so we've rounded up the best gifts you can give that special someone.

EV Track days

Although track days might not be at the top of one's mind when thinking about EV fans, the demand for electric car driving experience is high, as reported by At Bovingdon Airfield, for the low, low price of £99, you (or your EV fanatic friend) may feel the power delights of the Tesla Model P90D in Ludicrous mode.

Tickets to EV Events

This has to be one of the finest present ideas, as there are numerous events geared toward fans of electric vehicles. Owners of electric vehicles will be able to check out the newest models, while fans will be able to view what's new in terms of accessories and technological advancements.

There has never been a private garage event devoted to electric car knowledge, tools, and technology until January 25th, when EV Ready will be held. The Brighton Racecourse is the chosen venue for the event.

Low Emission Vehicles Expo, held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Stoneleigh, Kenilworth, is a meeting place for suppliers and advisers in the renewable energy, transportation, machinery, low carbon, and land management industries. On February 7th, the event will take place.

Events feature all the newest electric vehicles, live discussions, and more than an EV owner might desire, so this can be a great gift.


EV Weekend 2022 is a must-see for all Singapore car owners, Lifestyle News - AsiaOne

Home Charging Point

You may assume that charging stations for electric vehicles would all look the same, but drivers of EVs really have a wide range of stylish options to select from. It goes without saying that we carry a wide selection and are happy to offer our expert guidance in locating the best charger option for you.


How To Choose The Right EV Charger For You

A Dashcam

Even though this present isn't as thrilling as the others on the list, it might save your life in the event of an accident involving your electric vehicle. The NeXT base 22XR, one of several dashboard cameras sold by Amazon, has a rear-facing camera and can be purchased there for $99.95. (as of 10th of November). You can acquire an affordable dashcam like the IIWEY Dash Cam Front for £29.59. The Think ware U1000 is a top-tier dash cam option, with a 4k front camera and a 2k back camera.



Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon Echo Auto is a terrific accessory for your electric vehicle since it syncs with the Alexa app on your phone and plays over your car's speakers using either an auxiliary input or Bluetooth. Audible, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, and internet radio may all be streamed, as can music from other sources via TuneIn and iHeartRadio. Your voice can control music playback, news reading, phone calls, to-do list item addition, reminders, and more.

Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon Echo Auto

The EV Cable

Keep an extra EV cord on hand, just in case. Even while most modern EVs have a charging cable included in the box, it's easy to leave it at home when you plug in, or you might just want to have two cables on hand in case you ever need to charge your car at different locations. Browse our selection to locate the charging cable that best suits your needs and the needs of your electric vehicle.



At Pimp My EV, you'll find a selection of charging cords to meet the demands of most customers and their wallets. Just pick the cable that best suits your needs after browsing our selection.

A Private Green Number Plate

Private license plates have been around for quite some time, but in the realm of electric vehicles, there are a plethora of options for unique plates. A plate relating to electric vehicles may be purchased for as little as £250, so it may not be as expensive as you would think.



Quirky EV Presents

Sellers like Pimp My EV provides several options, including shirts, hats, keychains, Mugs, posters, and more, for the electric vehicle enthusiast in your life.

Manufacturer gift sections also include a wide selection of merchandise, including clothes, die-cast models, and more. For instance, Porsche has a specific shooting range for the Taycan model; use caution lest you fill a whole room with toy electric vehicles. In contrast to Porsche's website, where a model costs £101, Amazon sells a variety of cheaper model vehicles, including this Hot Wheels replica.

Last but not least, as the number of EVs on the road continues to rise, some people have noticed that drivers who are unfamiliar with the EV community may not know the proper etiquette when using chargers.


Gifts for the Tesla-Heads

You can find a wide variety of Tesla models, as well as other options, on Tesla's gift page if you're a true believer. Check out the company's wares by clicking the link provided; you might be surprised.

You can find a flocked center console organizer, which is great for preventing items from sliding around the car, on Amazon. This anti-slip boot mat set is ideal for Model Y owners who don't want muddy paw prints all over the car's interior.

Check out Pimp My EV if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind Tesla present.

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