Best Gifts To Buy For Tesla Owners

Best Gifts To Buy For Tesla Owners

Buying presents for others is difficult since you likely aren't aware of their specific wants and needs. However, there are a plethora of thoughtful and best gifts for Tesla owners that will make them happier.

We have compiled a list of the best gift ideas for every budget and any model of Tesla, whether you're shopping for your significant other, a close friend, or a coworker. Read on to get some absolutely fantastic suggestions that are budget friendly and for the newest models.

Cup Holder Inserts

You can always protect your car's upholstery by investing in cup holder inserts. These are available for purchase by anybody, as all Tesla models released in the last few years have had cup holders.

Car Door Cup Holder

Car Door Cup Holder For Tesla Model 3 2017-2022 (Source)

Tesla and SpaceX Emblems

 If you like Tesla, you must also like SpaceX, right? There are 3d metal tesla emblem sticker badges for SPACE X enthusiasts for Model S, X, 3, and Y, so your loved ones can customize their car with this gift.




Tesla Coffee Mug

Morning coffee is a ritual for many individuals. That's why you should get your pal a mug in which they can brag about their Tesla ownership while they sip their morning joe.

Tesla T35L4 White Ceramic Mug

Tesla T35L4 White Ceramic Mug With Colors Inside (Source)

Tesla Key Fob

Tesla's, as you may know, are keyless entry vehicles. The Tesla app on your smartphone or Tesla key cards is required to access the vehicle. That's why it could be useful to have a key fob. You can conveniently lock and unlock your automobile from afar using a key fob. You can acquire a carbon fiber key fob cover from Pimp My EV for a fraction of the cost of a replacement original if the high cost of an original key fob is prohibitive.

Carbon Fiber Key Case

Carbon Fiber Key Case for Tesla Model Y (source)

Door Side Organizer

The door pocket storage organizer is another convenient option for the Model Y. With this thoughtful present, your Tesla-owning pal won't have to worry about his or her belongings being jumbled up anymore.

Floor Mats

For a change from the standard issue drab black carpet, you may upgrade to all-weather floor mats, which can be found on sites like The floor mats may be moved, adjusted, and removed with minimal effort. They fit snugly from edge to edge. Furthermore, the deep grooves and hexagonal cell layout of the cups ensure that any accidental spills will not cause a major disaster.

3D Floor Mats

3D Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y - Left Hand Drive 2020-2022 (Source)

Car Seat Covers

We always recommend protecting the originality and beautification of your Tesla car seats with reliable and durable car seat protectors. And so, it can be a great gift for Tesla Owners.



Puddle Lights

A Tesla puddle light may get an instant makeover with the help of a do-it-yourself Puddle Light kit. When you open the entrance, you will see the treasured "T" emblem that has been projected onto the ground. At night, the viewer is able to experience the full splendor of the LED projection. Therefore, give the people you love this set of puddle lights as a present.

Custom LED Courtesy Door Projector Puddle Lights for SEAT
Custom LED Courtesy Door Projector Puddle Lights for SEAT | PimpMyEV (Source)

1/4 Quarter Mile Demon Short Sleeve Unisex t-shirt Tesla ...
Tesla T35L4 Denim Baseball Cap/Hat Unisex
Tesla T35L4 White glossy mug for Tesla Enthusiasts
Metal Key Card Holder for Tesla Model 3 & Y 2017-2024

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