Charging Your EQC Or Mercedes-Benz PHEV

Everything You Need To Know About Charging Your EQC Or Mercedes-Benz PHEV

Whether you're charging your PHEV or fully EV at home, at work, or in public, it's easier and handier than you would imagine.

Charging an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle may be a novel experience for many, but it's actually simpler than the majority of people assume. In some aspects, it is similar to fueling a standard gasoline or diesel vehicle, but it is less expensive. Here is a quick instruction on where and how to charge your Mercedes Benz PHEV battery.

Home Charging of Your Car

In the United Kingdom, around 80% of EV charging occurs at home. This is the easiest and most economical method of charging. Charge your vehicle overnight and you'll have a "full tank" every morning, so you won't have to worry about stopping for gas on your way to work!

The simplest method to accomplish this is to have a Mercedes EQC home charger installed; an OLEV grant is available to assist with the expense.

A specialized ChargePoint will charge your vehicle far faster than a standard three-prong household outlet, and they are also safer.

The majority of chargers today are smart and Wi-Fi-connected. This allows you to keep track of how much you've spent on charges, which might be important if you need to invoice your trip expenses.

It can even help you save money by allowing you to charge during the cheapest hours of the day.

Charging Your Vehicle In A Public Location

There are around 31,000 public charging outlets in the United Kingdom, which is more than the number of gas stations, so there are plenty of places to stop and recharge!

Many are located in town centers, supermarkets, and highway stations, and there are applications that will show you where to find them as well as their speed, price, and availability.

Some electric vehicles may be completely charged in as little as 35 minutes using public rapid chargers. That's just enough time for a restroom and coffee break on the way!

Every day, it becomes easier to pay for public charging as new chargers allow contactless payments. However, there are more payment options. Various charging networks operate public charging stations, and some provide subscription services via an app or a contactless card that will be mailed to you after registration.

These may provide many payment options or even free charge. Prices for public charging vary but are often substantially less expensive than gasoline or diesel.

Which Connector Do I Use for Charging?

Depending on the charging method, different connections are used — this is easier than it sounds...

The first choice is the three-prong plug use by home appliances.

The Type 2 charger is the second choice. This device is compatible with practically every electric car in the United Kingdom and enables charging between 3.6kW and 7.6kW, such as from a dedicated home ChargePoint or some public chargers.

On the majority of fully electric vehicles, the Combined Charging System (CCS) connection is used for  rapid and ultra-rapid DC charging (50kW-100kW).

Plug the appropriate connector into the accessible outlet, and you're ready to go!

Charging Your Vehicle While At Work

Through the government's workplace charging plan, firms may apply for a $350 subsidy towards the purchase and installation of a Charge Point socket at work. Furthermore, they may now seek funding for up to forty plugs!

They're perfect for topping off your car throughout the day, and especially helpful for owners of plug-in hybrid vehicles — effectively allowing you to drive up to 30 miles to work, charge, and then finish the remaining 60-mile round trip on battery power alone.

Charging at work may also be less expensive than using a public charger, reducing your operating expenses.

Usable Charging Apps

We've investigated the best, worst, and ugliest applications that help you identify charging stations for your electric vehicle, and here are some of the best!


By far the most popular app for EV drivers at present (in our opinion) Plugshare enables EV drivers to check in, rate, submit photographs, and remark on a charging station, in addition to locating the nearest charging station and providing information about the type of plug used. Similar to a certain hotel review website, if you get our drift...

In a nutshell - This software is the solution to your prayers if you are seeking a very accurate and informative application.

Next Charge

Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! This software is accessible in six languages, making it the most multilingual app of its kind we've ever encountered! In addition, this software gives users a voice in the EV community by allowing them to comment on the charging stations in their region. You may filter for several factors, like accessibility, types of plugs, Mercedes EQC charging speed

charging speed, and charging point status! Who doesn't enjoy a filter?

In summary: Excellent for precise searches on charging types, etc., and not limited to English-speaking EV drivers!

Charge Map

Charge Map is not too far behind, and despite a rather difficult beginning, it surely delivers the goods. Chargemap allows users to engage with the software, saving EV drivers time and aggravation by allowing them to avoid inappropriate charging locations! The extra benefit of this software is that specialized customer assistance is accessible 24/7 to assist you with any EV charging-related issues! (This does not include assisting you in selecting pizza toppings at 1 a.m.; we've already tested that water!)

In a nutshell — After a couple of minor hiccups, this software has been released ready to prove itself, and it is a must-have for every EV motorist.


The Zap-Map is perfect for individuals who enjoy a splash of colour! The color-coded dots on the map allow you to quickly locate acceptable charging stations (given you know the code!) For you Android users, you can plan your itinerary to include charging station stops, and the app will estimate how much energy you will have at the conclusion of your travel. This functionality will be accessible to iOS users later in the summer.

In a nutshell: aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.


WattsUp differs from similar applications in that it requires you to specify your criteria before displaying a map of charging spots - perfect for those who want to get down to business! It also includes audio prompts and an estimated time to reach your charging point/destination, eliminating any excuses for arriving late! With several routes to get you where you want to go, you and your EV will be unstoppable!

In a nutshell — Aside from its smart name, this app has all the necessary functions to get you from point A to point B with no drama.

Unexpected Emergency Charging

It is quite unlikely that you will ever run out of energy, as your EV will notify you and (if it's competent) direct you to the nearest charging station if it detects that you are going low. It will also likely include charging pauses into longer travels as necessary.

If you require assistance, however, the RAC has special patrol cars that can provide your vehicle with enough electricity to reach the next charging station. Alternatively, you may choose to be hauled home or to the next quick charger. Like a car with gas, you will never be fully stalled!

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