How To Replace The Tesla Model 3 Cabin Filter

How To Replace The Tesla Model 3 Cabin Filter

Your Tesla has inner cabin filter that stops pollen, industrial waste, road dust, and other things from getting in through the vents. Tesla suggests changing the cabin air filter at the following times:

Model 3

  • Every two years, according to Tesla, you should change your cabin air filter.
  • Tesla says that if you have a Model X, you should change the cabin air filter every 3 years.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter

  • If your Tesla has a HEPA filter, Tesla says that you should change it every 3 years.

Brake Fluid Test

Every two years, Tesla says to check your brake fluid for dirt and replace it if necessary.

Service for Air Conditioning

When you get your air conditioner serviced for your tesla model 3 interior maintenance, the desiccant bag is replaced so that your air conditioner will last longer and work better.

How to replace the Tesla Model 3 Cabin Filter

  • Option 1: Bring it to Tesla, and the replacement will set you back £27.30. (correct as of May 2021)
  • Option 2: Take it to a garage that is not affiliated with a chain.
  • Option 3: Do-it-yourself (or "Do-It") approach (as recommended by Tesla themselves)

This is a do-it-yourself guide that Tesla actually advises using!

Quick DIY Guide

Instructions for Replacing the Cabin Filter in a Tesla Model Y

Changing out the cabin air filter in a Tesla Model Y is a rather simple process technically.

Tools Required

  • ADBP250014 Filter Set
  • A screwdriver with a T20 torque setting.
  • Trim Removal Tool.
  • Pry Tool with a Clip


To change the tesla inner cabin filter on a Model Y:

  • Move the front driver seat all the way to the back, then remove the floor mat from the front driver's area.
  • Utilizing the trim tool in a methodical fashion from the highest point to the lowest, gently detach the right side panel from the centre console.
  • Remove the push clips that are used to hold the front driver foot well cover to the instrument panel by using a clip pry tool and doing so in a gentle manner. After that, remove the two electrical plugs from the foot well cover while you are holding it, and place the foot well cover in a different location.
  • After removing the T20 screw, which is used to hold the cabin filter cover to the HVAC module, you may then release the cover and move it out of the way.

Caution: The orange High Voltage wires that are attached to the cabin filter cover should not be stretched, bent, or otherwise damaged in any other way. If the cables are broken in any way, you must immediately terminate this process. A HV shock has the potential to cause significant harm or even death.

  • The tab on the top tesla inner cabin filter should be folded upward, while the tab on the bottom filter should be folded downward.
  • While maintaining your grip on the tab located on the top cabin filter, remove the upper filter from the HVAC module.
  • While maintaining your grip on the tab located on the bottom cabin filter, lift the filter upwards, and then remove it from the HVAC module.
  • Make sure that the dimensions and contours of the old filters are identical to those of the new ones.
  • After placing the lower cabin filter into the HVAC module, put the module into its proper location. After that, place the upper cabin filter in its place above it.
  • To install the cover for the tesla pollen/cabin filters, fold the tabs into the interior of the housing. Install the cover for the cabin filter by first engaging the bottom cover tab, then fastening the cover with the T20 screw. Adjust the screw's tightness to 1.2 Nm or 0.89 ft-lbs.
  • After reattaching the two electrical connectors to the corresponding components in the front driver foot-well cover, the cover may then be re-fastened using the push clips.
  • First, ensure that the front and back locator slots on the center console are aligned with the front and back locator slots on the right side panel, and then apply pressure to the panel until all of the clips are securely secured.
  • Install the floor mat for the front driver, and then replace the front passenger seat in its original position.

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