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What are Puddle Lights?

As you might gather from the name, puddle lamps illuminate… well… puddles. Picture this. It’s nighttime. You have parked your car in an unfamiliar location, perhaps because you arrived at a campsite pretty late in the night. You would naturally want to fetch your phone or torch to illuminate the ground as you alight. With auto puddle lights, however, you would not be worried about reaching for your phone or torch. Here’s why.

What is a Puddle Light?

A puddle lamp for a car is a downward-facing light fixture, either stock or customized, attached along the bottom edge of a door’s internal frame. The puddle lamp lights up the ground, warning drivers or passengers of puddles on the floor or unpleasant characteristics of the road/pavement whenever they intend to step out.

It is noteworthy that the door frame is not the only section that qualifies as a possible attachment point for puddle lights. In some cases, these lights are mounted to the side mirrors, facing downwards. Like the door-mounted lamps, these mirror lamps turn on whenever the door opens, whenever the driver remotely unlocks the door, or when they merely approach the car.

What are Car Puddle Lights Used For?

Notably, puddle lamps for cars, both door and mirror lights, do not serve just one function. People who undertake a puddle light install for their vehicle do so for two reasons. These include:

  • Illuminating the ground
  • Style and making a statement


Granted, puddle lights, especially those mounted on the underside of the door, help you avoid getting your shoes wet or muddy. But did you know that they serve a different purpose as well?

Mirror puddle lights illuminate the ground but this time for an entirely separate reason. For example, say you are parking your car at night and wish to confirm whether you have parked in between the lines without having to alight. Well, a mirror puddle light attached to the driver’s side mirror will serve this purpose.


Puddle lights have emerged as valuable accessories for vehicles. They make a statement, helping your car stand distinct amid other similar models during car meetups, for instance. To make a unique statement, you can use the puddle lamps as projectors. This way, when they turn on, they will project a logo or image on the ground.

What’s more, as an added accessory to a car, the puddle lamps can increase the value of your automobile.

Types of Puddle Lights

There are different types of puddle lights. These include:

  • LED puddle lights: these lights feature LED bulbs
  • Halogen puddle lights: halogen bulbs light up this category of auto puddle lights
  • Logo puddle lights: these puddle lamps project the vehicle’s logo. Under this category, you can find Ford mirror puddle lamps, as well as Lamborghini, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Subaru, and Chevy puddle lights, to mention a few.
  • Custom puddle lights: for bespoke puddle lamps, you get to choose what goes onto the light fixture, including the logo

At Pimp My Ev, we have a range of pre-designed puddle lights from major brands. We also create custom made or bespoke puddle lights. And we must say, they take a lot of effort to produce. Here’s a breakdown of the work we put into creating quality puddle lamps.

Pimp My Ev Bespoke Puddle Lights

We pride ourselves with being able to provide you this totally custom service for your car. We can create custom made puddle lights for all major car brands.

Check out our Custom Puddle Lights Image Gallery for a selection of what we have produced for our customers. 

The process begins with input from your end. First, hire a graphic designer to create a logo that we’ll integrate into the lights. For this, you can use freelancer platforms such as fiverr.com, where you can pay as low as $5 for designs. Alternatively, you can try a hand at creating a graphic using canva.com or graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Next, send us the design, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll refine the design and infuse it onto a glass lens. We attach the lens to a circuit board with 800 lumens SMD (surface mount device) LED lights. We then test the lenses for quality, focus, output, and strength.

It is worth noting that the focus varies depending on the car’s height or the location where the puddle light is to be attached. We introduce acceptable tolerances to account for height changes, perhaps due to the number of passengers or an electric air suspension systems. Finally, we encase the lights in a specific housing that will fit onto your car’s doors.

Notably, we deliver custom LED puddle lights 4 to 5 weeks after receiving the order.

Our custom puddle lamps are very popular and doing the rounds on social media as we speak. We have yet to come across a customer who has not been happy with the custom made puddle lights that we have made for them. For inquiries and questions about custom puddle lights, please use our contact form and send us your image so we can check if its appropriate to make into a custom lens. 

Check out our reviews for custom puddle lights to see what you can expect.


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  • Janine Young

    Do you do Tesla Puddle Lights pls for Tesla Model Y 2022 model?

  • Remo

    How much is the puddle lights for 2016 RX 350. Would like to have a Rocinante logo puddle lights. Thanks.

  • Marc

    Just installed the Puddle Lights for my 2020 Taycan Turbo. Took 5 minutes for both and couldn’t be easier. AND THEY LOOK GREAT!

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