Tesla Models 3 & Y are Facing a New NHTSA Investigation

Tesla Models 3 & Y are Facing a New NHTSA Investigation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has initiated a new investigation into Tesla's 2023 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles over concerns of loss of steering control and power steering. The inquiry was begun after the NHTSA received 12 complaints from owners of the impacted automobiles in recent complaints.

According to the NHTSA, five of the complaints indicate that the driver behind the sudden steering wheel was unable to steer the car at all, while the other seven complaints allege that suddenly steering wheel of the vehicle suddenly lost power steering. One of the allegations also featured an accident, although there were no injuries recorded.

The NHTSA's study is still in its preliminary evaluation formative phases, and it is unknown what is causing the steering difficulties in the impacted vehicles. However, Tesla has confirmed that it is aware of the issue and is trying to examine it.

This is the second NHTSA inquiry into Tesla's steering systems in 2023. In June, the NHTSA started an inquiry into the 2023 Model S and Model X vehicles over concerns of power steering issues.

The NHTSA's latest investigations into Tesla's steering systems are a reminder that even the most modern automobiles may have safety hazards. It is vital for drivers to be aware of these possible hazards and to take actions to keep safe, such as having their cars routinely maintained and inspected.

What Tesla Owners Should Do

If you are the owner of a 2023 model of Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, you should be aware of the possible steering concerns and take action to keep safe with electric vehicles. Here are some tips:

Be mindful of the indicators of steering issues, such as trouble turning the steering wheel itself, a lack of power steering, or a warning message on the opposite side of the dashboard.

What Tesla Owners Should Do

If you notice the driver has any issues with the steering, you the driver should immediately pull over to a safe spot and contact Tesla.

Make sure that a trained professional does routine maintenance and inspections on your car.

What to Anticipate from the Investigation being Conducted by the NHTSA

It is anticipated that the NHTSA's examination engineering analysis of Tesla's steering systems will take a number of months to complete. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is going to investigate whether or if the steering problems are a widespread problem by gathering information from Tesla, customers, and other sources. The NHTSA could also do inspections and tests on the automobiles that are in question.

Investigation being Conducted by the NHTSA


If the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) does a formal investigation and concludes that the steering faults constitute an issue that poses a safety risk, it is possible that it may require Tesla to recall the vehicles that are impacted by steering control problems. In the event of a recall, Tesla would need to either repair or replace the vehicles' steering systems in order to satisfy the terms of the recall.

NHTSA's Office of Defects Investigation is probing approximately 280,000 Tesla vehicles over reports of loss of steering control

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation into approximately 280,000 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles over reports of loss of steering control.

In some of the reported incidents, Tesla owners described that when navigating a tight turn, the car steering felt stuck, and the car steering assist reduced, making it a concern about the steering rack as well which is a potentially dangerous situation on the road. When faced with such issues, it is crucial for owners to respond promptly by contacting the Tesla service department for an inspection. Early detection of problems with the steering system can prevent more significant issues down the road.

If necessary, the Tesla service department should replace steering racks to ensure the safety of the vehicle and its occupants. These cases have caught the attention of auto safety regulators like the NHTSA, who are closely monitoring the situation to determine the extent of the problem and any potential safety risks.


The NHTSA's probe of Tesla's steering systems is crucial. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners and operators in the year 2023 should be aware of the potential steering issues and take precautions. That means knowing what to look for if you're having trouble turning the wheel, your power steering stops working, or there's a warning light on your dashboard. Steering issues require quick attention; pull over to a safe area and call Tesla. Your car has to be serviced and examined periodically by a professional mechanic.

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