Essentials that add to your Tesla’s luxury vibe

Essentials that add to your Tesla’s luxury vibe

Your Tesla is indeed a luxury vehicle, but ask yourself “Does it really complete the feeling?” No offense, Tesla genuinely offers the best EVs and their numbers surely speak for them. The driving experience is one to die for, so much so that most owners prefer their Tesla for work, play, and even leisure.

A stock Tesla interior won’t give you that “special” feeling for either of these things. There’s room for some touch ups here and there, to kick up the feel by some notches. We’re not talking heavy-duty or custom mods – leave them to the hardcore clique. Always remember: “It’s the little things that make life big.” The same applies for your luxury ride, too. A couple of aftermarket Tesla accessories can reshape your whole experience.

Let’s break down some Tesla essentials that can help you get the best from your ride. Starting with the simpler ones, we’ll work our way up the ladder.

Neck support pillows are best suited for long journeys (Source)

Comfort is a word often associated with luxury. Whether it’s long road trips or chilling with the Tesla infotainment system, you need to have a comfortable sitting posture for the time you spend in your Tesla. As the name suggests, Neck Support Pillows are the perfect choice to do the job for you. The vegan leather even adds a minor but effective classy feel. You hit three birds with one pillow: convenience, value, and style. That’s a pretty neat combination to have!

For the Tesla owners who love late night cruises, LED lights can light up your experience even more. The factory installed LEDs are too weak to give you any substantial benefit. On top of that, they look… pretty normal. Swap them for something flashy and vibrant. Plug and play replacement lights are a great choice, as they are easy to install. Check out our Tesla LED lights kit that offers 16x the brightness. Available in three exciting colors.

If you’re someone who just practically lives in their Tesla, you’re going to absolutely love and want this at the same time. Spending the better part of your time inside the car calls for a data and charging partner to lend a hand in times of need. This certain partner needs to have some qualities. It shouldn’t use up too much space, should support fast-charging and needs to have the perfect balance of Type-A and Type-C USB ports. You never know when you’ll end up needing one or the other, so it’s better to be prepared with a USB Hub & Splitter.

We all carry everyday essentials with us. Keys, ID, sunglasses, wallet, to each their own. But you can’t let these things hang on the dashboard or the back of your car. Doing that would just kill the luxury vibe of your Tesla. Nobody likes a messy cabin for obvious reasons. You need a storage solution to combat this common issue. And not something random that eats up space in itself. It needs to fit nicely and match the feel of your car. Check out our storage tray, a subtle choice that won’t even feel like an add-on.

The Tesla storage tray fits perfectly, like it's meant to be there (Source)

Moving from top to bottom, don’t deprive your feet from much-needed comfort. What’s under your feet, matters. Tesla stock floor mats are a little thin, and thin doesn’t feel so luxurious or comforting. You might want to check up on some premium floor mats. Instead of buying mats for different situations and needs, choose all weather floor mats for Tesla. It will turn out as the perfect partner throughout all seasons from summer to winter. The padded fabric adds to your driving experience while oozing elegance at the same time. They’re so soft to touch that you might even want to drive barefoot!

Final Thoughts

These are some of the essentials that can help you create a personal sense of comfort and luxury in your beloved Tesla. Sure, the company provides a fully-featured vehicle that stays true to its price tag. But a couple of aftermarket accessories won’t hurt anyone. It’s about choosing the right ones for the right reasons. There’s no need to go overboard and stuff your Tesla with unnecessary items. Every add-on serves a purpose, and if you can relate to that purpose – Go ahead and it get it for your Tesla today!

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