Affordable Accessories To Upgrade Your Older Tesla

Affordable Accessories To Upgrade Your Older Tesla

As Tesla continues to develop new products and produce new models, owners of older models may feel compelled to update their vehicles to keep up with the company's cutting-edge offerings. While for some people purchasing a brand new Tesla model may be out of their price range, there are a number of reasonably priced add-ons that may greatly improve the quality of driving with an older Tesla model.

Having a Tesla is like nothing else, thanks to its innovative features and dependable performance. Luckily, your favorite electric car may get a fresh lease of life with the help of a number of reasonably priced accessories. In this article, we'll take a look at a few of the add-ons that might give your cherished EV a new lease on life. Here are a few budget-friendly suggestions for improving your quality of life in many ways:

Accessories to Improve Your Tesla's Interior

Here are some inexpensive ways to improve your Tesla's interior:

Accessories to Improve Your Tesla's Interior

Center Console Wrap

Wrapping the center console is one of the easiest and best upgrades to dress up an older Tesla Model. A sleek wrap may hide the original center console's wear and tear while giving your space a contemporary look. You may find one that suits the look of your automobile from the many available hues and materials.


Center Console Wrap Kit For Model 3, & Model Y

Floor Mats

Tesla offers custom-fit floor mats for Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model X & Model S to shield the inside of seats and doors from mud, water, and wear and tear. These inexpensive additions come in a variety of materials to meet your specific requirements, such as rubber, carpet, and all-weather varieties. All-weather floor mats are a stylish way to keep your car's carpet safe from mud and water. They last a long time and are simple to maintain.

custom-fit floor mats for Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model X & Model S


Add a USB hub to the console of your aging Tesla if you frequently find yourself in need of more USB ports to charge a wide range of gadgets. Plugging this item into an available USB port adds several more ports for your use.

USB C Hub & Splitter With Rapid Charging For Telsa Model 3 & Y

USB C Hub & Splitter With Rapid Charging For Tesla Model 3 & Y

Trunk Organizer

Use a trunk organizer to maintain order and cleanliness in your trunk. A modest outlay of cash may go a long way toward ensuring the safety and convenience of your possessions.

Trunk Organizer For All Tesla Models

Trunk Organizer For All Tesla Models

Phone Mount

Use a secure phone mount to keep your mobile device within easy reach when you're behind the wheel. Options for mirrors that fit your car's interior and have adjustable angles for better visibility are worth considering.

Steering Wheel Phone Holder With Wireless Charging For Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Steering Wheel Phone Holder With Wireless Charging For Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Cleaning Supplies

Finally, don't forget the importance of keeping your car clean and well-maintained by stocking up on cleaning supplies. Invest in premium cleaning products made specifically for the inside and outside of Teslas. Maintaining a clean vehicle not only makes driving more pleasant but also makes it seem like new.

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner (Brushless) USB-C 15000PA

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner (Brushless) USB-C 15000PA

Tesla Wireless Phone Charging Pad

Install a wireless charging pad in the center console of your Tesla to charge your phone without having to plug it in.

Anti-slip Silicon Pad For Wireless Charging For Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Anti-slip Silicon Pad For Wireless Charging For Tesla Model 3 & Model Y


If something happens while you're behind the wheel, the installation of a dashcam might assist you in documenting what happened. It may also be used to keep track of journeys taken via car. The dashboard camera is a cheap and potentially lifesaving addition to any vehicle.

Center Screen Protector

The central touchscreen of a Tesla Model 3 is a high-traffic area, so keeping it free of dirt and grime is essential. Any Tesla owner would be wise to invest in a screen protector and he can protect the center screen with tempered glass that enhances the interior. You can pick a screen protector that meets your requirements and your budget since there are several to choose from.

2Pcs HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector Set For Tesla Model S & Model X

2Pcs HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector Set For Tesla Model S & Model X

Accessories to improve the charging process are a must for each Tesla owner.

Listed below are several charging car accessories worth considering:

The NEMA 14-50 converter kit lets you power your Tesla from a regular 240-volt outlet, whether at home or on the road.

Using a J1772 adapter, you may charge your Tesla at any of the many publicly accessible Level 2 charging stations found around the country.

You can charge your Tesla anywhere with a portable charger and various plug adapters, offering you greater freedom on the road.

The following inexpensive exterior additions can give your older Tesla model a newer appearance.

If your Tesla already has Aero wheels, you might want to think about getting Aero wheel covers. Using these covers can boost your vehicle's aerodynamic efficiency, extending your range and decreasing your fuel consumption.

Cars with tinted windows are more comfortable in both hot summer and cold winter weather. Security and anonymity are two more obvious benefits. Tinting the windows of your Tesla may improve the protection on both the inside and exterior at little cost.


Chrome deletion kits allow you to remove and replace the gaudy chrome trim from your Tesla, giving it a cleaner, more contemporary look. These kits are simple to install and will immediately improve the look of your Tesla.

Protect your car's paint against dings, chipping, and fading caused by the sun with a film designed specifically for that purpose. This inexpensive add-on protection kit can save your Tesla's paint job from early deterioration.

Door Lock Covers: Covers for the door locks on your Tesla are an excellent defense against dents and scrapes. They improve the exterior's aesthetic value, too. You can select door lock covers that are the correct color and material for your vehicle.

For a sleek and modern look, consider upgrading your Tesla's exterior trim to a matte black finish, adding an element of sophistication to your older model. Tesla vehicles don't typically come with traditional spare tires due to their unique design and focus on efficiency.

Carbon Fiber Spoiler: A carbon fiber spoiler may make your Tesla seem more aggressive. These spoilers are more than just an aesthetic upgrade; they may help increase your vehicle's speed and fuel economy by reducing drag.

License Plate: A front license plate frame will let you put your own stamp on your silver Tesla. A new frame, whether of minimalist or flashier style, may make your automobile look brand new.

Here are some additional tips for upgrading your older Tesla model:

  • Before buying something, be sure you've done your homework. Finding auto accessories that work with your vehicle and fulfill your needs can be challenging given the wide variety available.
  • Before you make a purchase, check out some reviews. You may judge the product's quality and longevity from this.
  • Find the greatest deals by looking around. Since Tesla accessories are sold by a variety of outlets, you may shop around to discover the lowest price.
  • Don't be shy about seeking assistance. Consult a Tesla technician for guidance on the best accessories for your vehicle.

TeslaCam and Sentry Mode Accessories

The Tesla's cameras may be used for recording video in two different modes: TeslaCam and Sentry Mode. These functions can be useful for keeping track of occurrences and accidents and for preventing theft. To maximize your driving experience with TeslaCam and Sentry Mode, we recommend using the following accessories:

  • Recording to a USB flash drive is an option with both TeslaCam and Sentry Mode. A large-capacity flash drive is recommended to avoid storage issues.
  • In-car USB flash drive security is simplified with a dashcam mount.
  • Sentry Mode stickers: These stickers let would-be auto thieves know that your vehicle is being watched.

Nice-to-Have Interior Tesla Model Y Accessories

In addition to the basics, there are a variety of add-ons that can improve your time behind the wheel of a Tesla Model Y. Among these are:

A cargo mat is an essential accessory for anyone who frequently transports stuff in their Tesla Model Y. It will prevent stains, spills, and scratches from damaging your car's interior. Cargo mats come in a wide range of designs and materials.

The Tesla Model Y's cupholders are awkwardly placed and awkwardly sized. Add-ons for cupholders can be installed to make them more convenient to use.

A phone holder is an easy solution to the problem of where to put your phone while driving. You may discover a phone holder which is a great accessory upgrade to your Tesla and that suits your requirements and tastes among the many many cup holders that are on the market.


The cost of upgrading from an earlier Tesla model is not always high. Your beloved EV may get new life with a number of inexpensive additions and accessories that boost its visual value and performance. You may change your driving experience without spending a lot of money by covering your center screen with a screen protector and adding personal touches with things like wireless charging pads, floor mats, and steering wheel covers.

Accessories like plate holders, trunk organizers, lights, and phone holders all make for a more relaxing and hassle-free drive. Tesla customers may also peruse options for enhancing their cars' charging capabilities, external design, protection, and security with the help of TeslaCam and Sentry Mode accessories. To get the best accessories for your car, it is important to study reviews, consult experts, and shop around.

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