Austin Giga Event will be epic!

Austin Giga Event will be epic!

“Always Bigger in Texas!” 

This motto stands true as newer businesses create the landscape for the Lone Star State.

TeslaCon 2022 is hosting its annual event in Austin and the company is going full Texas-style. Let’s dive in to the details that we know so far.

What’s it all about?

Tesla recently launched the long-awaited Gigafactory Berlin along with the inaugural deliveries of their European vehicles. If that wasn’t enough already, the automaker is planning yet another mega event – slated for April 7.

Tesla has started rolling out invites to the aforementioned event called “Cyber Rodeo,” which will be the grand opening of Gigafactory Texas in Austin. It is a milestone for the company and its manufacturing expansion in the US, which surely calls for a grand celebration!

Keeping the automaker’s tradition alive, Tesla is throwing a party to celebrate the start of production.

CEO Elon Musk unveiled the invite for the event to be held on April 7 and the company has termed it “Cyber Rodeo”: Tesla owners in the “greater Giga Texas area” will be prioritized on the invite list to the Giga Fest.​

Invites sent to Tesla owners, investors, and social media influencers are said to have a futuristic vibe. The map of Texas etched in blue neon, on a green background, with Cyber Rodeo written in red neon. 


Talk of the town

Cyber might just be the aesthetic theme of the party – something we all know Musk is a fan of. But the event’s name has already sparked conversations about a cameo appearance from the latest version of the Tesla Cybertruck. That would be a real crowd-pleaser indeed.

Tesla removed Cybertruck pricing and specs from its website and an update to the electric pickup truck with the production version is expected sooner or later.

Either way, the new Model Y produced at Gigafactory Texas will be taking center stage at the event, which features an all-new structural battery pack design and 4680 battery cell.

Model Y deliveries aside, Tesla is expected to update on the new factory’s battery cell production status, which is a crucial step towards their production ramp-up.

Gigafactory Texas will be the automakers latest and most developed facility (Source)

It’s going to be BIG

The area (Travis County) commissioners mutually approved a permit on March 22 for the mega opening event in East Austin, following a presentation regarding the event details. The invite-only event will be an indoor-outdoor affair, and is expected to bring in approximately 15,000 people to the celebration.

Elon Musk recently took to Twitter and confirmed that the event will be a barbecue.

Authorities have briefed that event organizers have planned for a maximum of 15,000 people, although the total might be slightly lower. Only 5% of the Texas facility’s space will be used for the event, and manufacturing will be halted during the event as a precaution against related accidents.

Pictures have popped up online, giving a glimpse of a giant entrance being set up by construction workers in Gigafactory Texas. A grand party surely deserves a grand entrance. Looks like the automaker is planning to go full throttle with the final design.

Workers are preparing what seems to be a grand entrance for the event (Source)

Final Thoughts

As far as event details and preparations go, Musk and Tesla are focused on taking center stage amongst electric vehicles (EVs). Even if its rivals were able to steal a few headlines from them in the first quarter of 2022, they want to convince them that it was only a happy accident.

Gigafactory Texas is a $1.1 billion, 4.3-million square foot facility. It will be housing a vehicle production plant, especially the Tesla Model Y SUV, and the heart of electric vehicles - a battery production plant. No wonder the facility deserves a full-fledged opening celebration.

A tradition originating from Shanghai in 2020 was refreshed by Musk on the Gigafactory Berlin launch. Whether Musk will grace the fans with his impromptu dance routine during the Cyber Rodeo event remains to be seen.

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