Remove and Reinstall Tesla Emblems

Guide To Remove and Reinstall Tesla Emblems

If Tesla vehicles entice so many people, it is also due to the fact that they must be easily personalized. You can, in fact, personalize both the inside and outside of the vehicle. This allows you to make driving more comfortable and enjoyable. If you want to customize the Tesla Model Y, you can change its logos and emblems. Many brands, fortunately, sell aftermarket "Model 3" emblems, colored logos, Roadster-like letter-by-letter badges, and other accessories.

Should we remove the Tesla logo or leave it as it is? Because everyone has a viewpoint on this issue, we have created this simple how-to tutorial to teach you how to remove and change Tesla emblems on your vehicle in accordance with the preferences you hold.


  • The use of a heat gun or a steamer
  • Drill
  • Knife, razor, or another type of sharp blade
  • Alcohol is made up of one component isopropyl alcohol 70 percent and four parts water.
  • Microfiber
  • The vinyl template for the logo (optional)
  • Put some pressure on the 3M adhesive.
  • produced in 3D by the bracket
  • Fishline (Yello tools handles optional)
  • 3M Eraser (drill attachment)
  • Masking/frog/painters tape

Removal Steps

  • Applying heat or steam to the logo should help break up the gunk. DO NOT OVERHEAT. Because it is made of plastic, it will melt or get distorted if you leave it in one spot for an extended period of time; therefore, you need to maintain your pistol in continual motion around 6 inches above it.
  • Work under it with a fish line, moving from side to side. The tool handles that I prefer to use are yellow so that I can get a better hold on them, but this is completely optional.
  • Utilize the 3M goo eraser attached to a drill in order to methodically go over the area. Make use of the side of it rather than the front! I like to use this product rather than repeatedly touching it with a microfiber cloth because it won't scratch the surface. You can use goo gone, although it does leave a residue
  • Use an alcohol solution to clean the area.

Installation Steps

  • Use an alcohol solution to clean the area.
  • Turn the key to the frunk.
  • Put something beneath the latch to prevent it from trying to close with the bracket in the way. This may be done by placing anything underneath the latch.
  • Put the bumper aside for the time being, and do the following step on a level surface. Get your razor blade, the template for the company logo, and your glue ready. (Because it produces far less residue than many of the other available adhesive alternatives, I prefer to work with 3M Press in Place.)
  • You may remove the remaining adhesive from both parts by scraping them with your razor blade. The alcohol solution should then be wiped down over everything.
  • Remove a little portion of the glue with a knife, then place your T on it and firmly push it down. It is expected that the adhesive will come off with the T when it is peeled off. Make your way around it and grasp hold of all sides. After that, repeat steps (a) and (b) with the thin piece.
  • To clean up the edges, you may either cut the glue off or push it away with your finger.
  • Take off the backing paper from the vinyl logo template. After that, affix your actual logo on the vinyl template of your logo. All of the sticky sides should be facing up! THIS IS NOT REQUIRED AT ALL. If you don't have the logo, you may just eyeball the top piece and put the T into the bracket that was made with the 3D printer.
  • Return to your bumper and place the emblem in the corresponding bracket there. Put some serious pressure on it.
  • Remove the bracket with extreme caution.
  • Wait a full day before washing your car again.

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