Installing Your Tesla Home Charger

Installing Your Tesla Home Charger

So you've decided to purchase a Tesla and are now considering how you'll charge it. Many Tesla owners will be unable to charge at home and will be forced to rely on public chargers and possibly workplace charging, but the majority of owners will use some type of home charging. This might be from a specialized Tesla home charger installation, or you could end up charging your Tesla using a dryer outlet.

In this article, we'll go through all the major factors you should consider when installing your Tesla home charger.

You'll need to make some choices about the layout, location, and installer of your Tesla wall charger before the job can begin.

To help you choose the best choice for your situation, we, as an installation of Tesla Wall Connectors, have compiled this list of factors to think about.

Making educated judgments is considerably simpler when you have access to expert guidance from a certified installation.

Tesla Wall Connector Selection

A Tesla Wall Connector, as you may know, is a brand of electric vehicle (EV) charger manufactured by Tesla and designed to work exclusively with Tesla EVs. For the Model S, Model X, and Model 3, Tesla suggests using the Wall Connector.

Choosing the Appropriate Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla wall connector Gen 2 and Gen 3 are now for sale from Tesla. The Gen 2 Wall Connector is an older model (obviously, there is a price difference and a few functional differences there).

Tesla's website features in-depth product descriptions and comparisons.


Cables come in a variety of lengths (and cable organizers – see accessories). The available cable lengths are 7.3m (Gen 2) and 2.6m (both Gen 2 and Gen 3 wall connector models).

Multiple Tesla's in the family?

If you want to charge many Tesla's at once in your garage, you may want to invest in extra Tesla Wall Connectors. The third-generation Tesla Wall Connectors' "power sharing" feature allows for the intelligent and automated distribution of charging power among up to six connected units, each of which may be a different Tesla with a different charge status.

Multiple Gen 3 Wall Connectors can share a single household circuit. An advantage is that each Tesla may be charged as soon as it is brought home.

Situation and placement

Setting up your Tesla Wall Connector requires careful consideration of a number of factors. Thinking of the ‘little things’ now helps reduce regrets later.

Your lifestyle and usage

  • What time of day is your Tesla usually home?
  • With what regularity do you use it?
  • How often do you travel and how long is each trip?
  • Do you require rapid charges of a limited duration or complete charges that last for an extended period of time?
  • What time of day will you charge it (do you like to charge it overnight)?
  • Where do you usually keep your Tesla? Is there a range of possibilities?
  • A Tesla charging connector may be found behind the left rear taillight, so keep that in mind as you plan installing a Tesla wall connector. Think about where you'll be parking your Tesla and make sure the charger will reach there.

External considerations

  • Is your car the only one that could use the parking spot while it charges?
  • Is there anyone else that has to plug in their EV?
  • Do you have enough room to work in and around your preferred site?
  • Is the Wall Connector in a safe place, out of the way of passing traffic and out of the way of any potential hazards (such as garage doors, trees, or direct sunlight)?
  • Does your suggested placement ensure that the Wall Connector poses no risk to passing cars or pedestrians?

Your electrical supply

The good news is that Tesla Wall Connectors can be adapted to virtually any power supply. Your installer may evaluate your home's electrical system and make recommendations and guidance on what is doable and what is not based on your preferences.

Do you have solar?

When electricity is limited (for as when solar power is low), the Tesla Wall Connector can be outfitted with circuit breakers of a lower amperage rating. Circuit breakers that match the capability of your vehicle's onboard charger are also essential.

As a Tesla Power-wall Certified electrician, Solstra is a leading solar specialist in Melbourne, developing and installing solar systems and solar batteries. We are solar experts and can install and connect your Tesla Wall Connector to your current solar system in a safe and efficient manner.

For solar battery and EV charger installations, we exclusively work with reputable companies, such as Tesla.

In subsequent articles, we will explain how to install Gen 2 and Gen 3 Tesla chargers.

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