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Tesla Mobile Connector Difference between Gen1 and Gen2 difference explained

If you're curious about the distinction between Tesla mobile connector generations 1 and 2, tesla ports, universal mobile connectors, or standard Tesla connectors, you've come to the right place. We'll evaluate each option separately before contrasting them to determine which is superior.

Gen 2 is superior to Gen 1 because it is safer, has a more secure connection to the adaptors, has more adaptors, has a plastic handle and a sealed control button, and doesn't overheat. Also, unlike Gen 1, Gen 2 can be purchased easily via the internet, and it is compatible with a wider variety of models.

Tesla Mobile Connector Gen 1

Gen 1 Tesla Smartphone connectors were introduced for all Tesla cars between 2012 and 2017, including the Model S and the Model X. Owners of the Tesla Model S and Model X could plug their vehicles into standard household outlets or RV hookups.

But now that Tesla's Gen 2 and Gen 3 tesla phone connector have been introduced, this connector type has all but been phased out. For Model S and Model X Teslas manufactured before 2018, this is the only option. Let’s have a look at its specifications.

In addition to the standard 2.3kW-3.7kW output of the Gen 1 Tesla connector, an optional 16A 11kW Red commando converter (p/n 1024110-02-A or 1024110-00-D) can boost that to 11kW. The first generation of mobile connectors is packaged in a convenient pouch. Moreover, a 32A Blue Commando Socket and a 13A 3-pin plug are included.

An IP44 rating indicates that the Tesla Gen 1 mobile connector may withstand some water spray. So, it's fine to leave it out in the rain without covering it or keeping it at an elevated level.

Instructions on how to reset, typical errors, and detailed error codes are all included in the user handbook.

The main brick of the Gen 1 mobile connector has a reset button on the back in case it malfunctions. It can be single or three-phased, and its cable is 6 meters or 20 feet in length.

Tesla Mobile Connector Gen 2

All Model 3s and all Model S and Xs made after 2018 also include the second-generation Tesla mobile connection. It's essentially an improved version of the Gen 1 connector, which is why the two are so similar. Nonetheless, there are distinctions between them. Let's look at its attributes to see what it's like.

There is also a 13A 3-pin plug included; the 16A Blue Commando socket was removed in 2021. Gen 2 connectors are splash-proof to the extent that they can be left outside in all weather conditions without any special protection.

There’s also a detailed list of fault codes in its user handbook, detailing common errors, and other safety precautions. Gen 2 doesn’t have a reset button on the backside of its main brick since it simply doesn’t require one.

Because of its single-phase design, the Gen 2 mobile connector is also equipped with automated phase inversion. The total length of the cable is 20 feet (6 m).

The Gen 2 Tesla mobile connector enables 2.3kW-3.7kW of power as its regular output, but you can expand it up to 7kW with the optional extra 32A 7kW Blue commando adaptor p/n 1104948-00-B. The bag it comes with to store it in is now square instead of round.

As an added bonus to this article, I’ve prepared this easy-to-use charge calculator. Simply input your model, charging wattage, and charging percentage, and you will obtain the anticipated time it will take to charge a Tesla in terms of hours with the tesla mobile charging port. You can do some experimenting with the numbers to observe how the charging time varies:

It also features a 13A 3-pin plug — formerly, it featured a 16A Blue Commando socket, but as of 2021, it’s not included anymore. The Gen 2 connector has an IP44 rating, making it splash-proof and safe for use in the great outdoors without any additional protection.

There’s also a detailed list of fault codes in its user handbook, detailing common errors, and other safety precautions. Gen 2 doesn’t have a reset button on the backside of its main brick since it simply doesn’t require one.

The Gen 2 mobile connector is single-phase and allows automated phase inversion. The length of the cable is 20 feet or 6 meters.


Tesla Gen 2 Connector

Tesla Gen 2 Connector (Source)

The Verdict

The Gen 1 and Gen 2 Tesla mobile connectors are very similar and don't differ greatly from one another. Their compatibility and some Gen 1 overheating issues are the only things that matter.

In contrast to Gen 1, which is exclusively available for Teslas manufactured before 2018, Gen 2 is available for all Tesla models made after 2018, including the Model 3, Model X, and Model S. Additionally, Gen 1 suffers from some overheating problems that are fixed in Gen 2 by a circuit chip.

Another thing to note is that Gen 2's general connection is stronger and safer than Gen 1's. In addition, the control button in Gen 2 is sealed to keep water out.

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