4Pcs Carbon Fiber Style Internal Door Sill Protective Vinyl Sticker Set for Model 3 2017-2021

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Essential protection & style for your Model 3 Door Sills

This kit provides an upgraded look to your door sills and also provides protection against scratches, dings, or scrapes to the door sills of the Tesla Model 3.  

 Carbon fiber styling -  Carbon fiber look trims that are precision-engineered to fit Model 3 Door Sills

 Unique look -  Gives your key a completely unique look making the standard plastic pale in comparison.

 Ultimate protection -  Essential protection against, scratches and marks, keeping your door sills brand new for years.

 Precise fit - Especially manufactured with real-life tolerances to ensure a precise fit.

For a clean and sophisticated look and wear resistance, these stickers are an absolute must.


NOTE: Please note these stickers are not real carbon fiber, they are faux with a carbon fiber look. Our range of genuine carbon fiber products are available in the Carbon Fiber Mods collection. These wraps fit both left-hand and right-hand drive Model 3s.


These wrap kit come with a sticky back. Peel off the non-sticky later and apply firmly in the designated areas. Smooth over with a credit card to remove any bubbles. There are a number of youtube videos with tutorials on how to apply wraps. The measurements are an exact fit for all the designated areas on your model 3

For ultimate quality and an overall superior aesthetic, the 4Pcs Carbon Fiber Style Internal Door Sill Protective Vinyl Sticker Set for Model 3 is your ultimate choice. SECURE YOURS NOW!


Shipping & Delivery - 100 Unicorns

This item is shipped directly from our warehouse overseas. 

All efforts are made to ensure your item gets to you in perfect condition and ready for installation. 

No quibble 30-day refund or replacement from the day of delivery if the item is damaged or not fit for purpose.

Placement on Vehicle: Door sills
Item Type: Carbon Fiber Style Wrap
Colour: Black
Material: Vynil wrap
Fit: Tesla Model 3