How to Put a Screen Protector on Tesla Model 3 Center Screen?

How to Put a Screen Protector on Tesla Model 3 Center Screen?

The Tesla screen, which is the most engaging component of your high-end vehicle, is also the most prone to damage and stains, even when handled with the utmost care. Regardless of the model, the Tesla screen is in charge of practically all of the vehicle's functions, making a screen protector an absolute essential for keeping it secure.

Are you considering using a screen protector to safeguard the central screen of your Tesla Model 3? This is a fantastic idea! Look no farther than the Pimp my EV tesla model 3 tempered glass screen protector 15inch for the best in screen safety and protection.

Let's go through some general recommendations and procedures for installing your screen protector correctly.

Screen Cleaning Mode

To begin, you will need to place your screen into 'Screen Cleaning Mode,' which can be found under the settings menu.

Clean the Dust

The second step is to use the cleaning kit that came with your Screen Protector's box to clear off the dust that has accumulated on the screen. This is very necessary in order to ensure that no dust gets caught behind the screen protector before it is applied. Use the alcohol wipe cloth to remove any dust that has accumulated. Then, using the dust trap sticker included in the cleaning package, catch small dust particles and clean the screen until it is streak-free.

Pimp My EV Tesla Screen Protector (Tempered Glass) for Model 3

Tape and position the Protector

Align the top edge of the screen protector with the top edge of the screen and temporarily tape it into place with masking tape to hold it in place.

The screen protector should be precisely positioned and taped into place at this point.

Peel the film and reinstall

Begin peeling away at the film that is attached to the rear of the screen protector. Slowly reinstalling the screen protector and ensuring that all of the curves are exactly aligned is important.

Push the air bubbles

Push any air bubbles to the corners of the screen and pull the masking tape from the top of the screen, if any are present. You have completed your task. Exit the screen cleaning mode by using the Esc key.

The best screen protectors for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

In the flexible Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles, the 15-inch center control touch screen is the most interactive and delicate aspect of the vehicle. Any inadvertent damage to it will result in a significant amount of money being spent on repairs, hence it is always recommended to get a tesla model 3 screen protector to safeguard the touch screen well in advance of an accident occurring.

Due to the fact that both models have the same screen size of 15 inches, we have the best collection of Tesla Screen protectors at Pimp My EV

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