How To Properly Store Your Tesla For Extended Periods

How To Properly Store Your Tesla For Extended Periods

Maintaining Efficiency: A Handbook for Safely Holding Your Tesla for Prolonged Times

Oh, the electric highway's freedom! However, what occurs if you have to leave your Tesla parked for a longer period of a while? Perhaps your Tesla is a seasonal companion, or perhaps next week you're planning a lengthy vacation. For this reason, storing your battery correctly is essential to keeping it healthy and guaranteeing a smooth ride when you get back.

Maintaining Efficiency: A Handbook for Safely Holding Your Tesla for Prolonged Times

For the sake of your Tesla's durability, performance, and general well-being, whether you have a second car, are traveling for an extended length period of time, or are dealing with a long period of seasonal fluctuations, it is imperative that you store it correctly.

With the information in this blog post, you can get help Storing Tesla for extended periods, ensuring the happiness and well-being of your electric vehicle while you're away. We'll go over the procedures and recommended practices for storing your Tesla sensibly and safely in our extensive guide, so it's prepared to go when you get back.

Tesla Storage Recommendations | Clean And Prepare Your Tesla:

It's important to give your Tesla a complete cleaning on the inside and outside before storing it. This entails vacuuming and cleaning down the interior to stop any possible damage from spills or debris, as well as washing the outside to get rid of dirt, dust, and grime.

Tesla Storage Recommendations | Clean And Prepare Your Tesla

Charge The Battery:

It's advised to charge your Tesla's battery to between 50 and 60 percent before putting it into long-term storage. This level aids in preventing deep discharge and overcharging, both of which can gradually deteriorate battery health. To keep the battery's charge level during storage, especially if you'll be gone for an extended amount of time, think about putting up a trickle charger.

Choose The Perfect Storage Location:

Keeping your Tesla in good condition depends on where you choose to store it. To protect the car from the weather and reduce exposure to temperature swings, it is best to store it in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated area, like a garage or storage facility.

Prepare The Tires:

Make sure your Tesla tires are inflated to the recommended pressure specified by the manufacturer to avoid flat areas and preserve tire integrity while storing. As an alternative, think about putting the car on jack stands or employing tire cradles to relieve pressure and equally distribute the weight across the car's four tires.

Protect External And Interior Surfaces:

To add an extra layer of defense against UV radiation and environmental pollutants and prevent damage to the outside of your Tesla, think about putting in a coat of wax or paint sealer. Utilize window tinting or sunshades inside the car to prevent heat accumulation and shield interior surfaces from fading or deteriorating.

Protect External And Interior Surfaces

Maintain Fluid Levels:

To guarantee correct operation and avert any potential problems during storage, check and replenish vital fluids like coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. In order to stop fuel degradation, you should also think about installing a fuel stabilizer if your Tesla has a combustion engine (such as a dual-motor Model S or Model X).

Put Security Measures In Place:

Turn on your Tesla's built-in security features, such as Sentry Mode and GPS monitoring, to prevent theft and make sure it stays safe while being stored. To be particularly safe against unwanted movement, think about utilizing wheel chocks or a steering wheel lock.

Frequent Maintenance Check:

Make sure everything on your stored Tesla is still in good working order on a regular basis. This entails looking for indications of leakage, pest activity, or other possible problems that can develop during prolonged storage. To preserve mechanical parts and circulate fluids, think about starting the car and leaving it to run for a few minutes.

Getting Cover:

Keep your Tesla in a dry, cold, and ideally enclosed space, such as a garage. This shields it from precipitation, intense sunlight, low temperatures, and extreme summer temperatures.

Be Aware Of The Temperature:

Steering clear is a good practice of keeping your Tesla in extremely hot or cold conditions. Temperature extremes can have a detrimental effect on battery life. The perfect garage is cool.

Be Aware Of The Temperature

Battery Maintenance: The Essentials

Finding the Sweet Spot: A 50% charge is the best level of energy for your Tesla battery to be in long-term storage capacity. By doing this, the battery's continual state of fullness or emptyness is reduced.

Connected In: By providing a trickle charge to the battery state offset natural drain, leaving your Tesla connected with a low-amperage charger (such as a regular wall outlet) will help preserve battery health.

Unplugged: Disconnecting the 12V battery (see your handbook) can stop it from gradually depleting more energy from the main battery if you leave it plugged and don't have access to a power source.

Tesla App to the Rescue: You may remotely check the level of your battery using the Tesla app. In particular, if the battery charge of your automobile is disconnected, this can be useful for checking in on the low state while it is being stored.

Keeping It Interesting: Tesla Storage Checklist

Tire care: To avoid flat spots forming after extended periods of inactivity, inflate your tires to the correct pressure (see your owner's manual).

Keeping It Interesting: Tesla Storage Checklist

Maintenance for your cabin: Keep the windows slightly open to let fresh air in and avoid moisture accumulation. You can absorb more moisture in the Tesla car by putting a desiccant pack inside.

Clean Canvas: To shield the paint from dust and other environmental factors, give your Tesla a thorough cleaning and wax before storing it.

Tesla Storage Precautions | When You Get Back

Wake-Up Call: Give your Tesla some time to awaken the batteries from its sleep before hopping on the road. This entails turning it on (if it isn't already) and allowing the battery to warm up to a suitable level for use.

Safety Check: Examine your brakes, tires, and fluid levels visually. Before leaving, tesla owners should make sure everything is in working order.

Maximizing Tesla Battery Health Without Continuous Charging

When it comes to preserving lithium-ion batteries and ensuring optimal battery levels for extended storage, Tesla owners face critical decisions, especially if continuous charging isn't an option. Managing the charging system becomes pivotal, considering factors like cabin overheat protection and the overall health of vehicle components.

Maximizing Tesla Battery Health Without Continuous Charging

Without the luxury of keeping the vehicle plugged in, Tesla owners can utilize strategies to decrease battery drain slightly, such as disabling features like cabin overheat protection. Monitoring the charging screen to maintain a stable battery level is crucial, even if the vehicle isn't plugged in. Regularly checking the charging cable and ensuring that the battery and charging system are functioning optimally becomes essential to prevent any unexpected drops in battery levels.

While constant charging might not be feasible, staying attentive to battery health ensures that when you return to your Tesla, its lithium battery remains fully charged and in top condition, ready for the road ahead.


In conclusion, it is critical to store your Tesla correctly for an extended period or periods of time if you want to maintain its value, performance, and dependability. Your electric car can stay in excellent shape until you're ready to get back on the road by following the instructions in this tutorial and taking preventative precautions to shield it from the cold weather and possible damage. For more advice on long-term storage procedures, refer to your Tesla owner's manual or a licensed service center. Don't forget to carry out routine maintenance inspections. You may store your Tesla model with confidence, knowing that it will be ready for your next excursion, if you take the time to prepare and pay close attention to detail.

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