Custom Puddle Lights

      35 products

      35 products

      Custom Puddle Lights: Elevate Your Drive with Personalized Illumination

      Our curated collection of premium aftermarket accessories is designed to enhance the style and performance of your electric vehicle. Our custom door projector lights and puddle lights are two of our best-selling products; they're eye-catching additions that brighten your way and make a statement.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • 1. How do I install custom puddle lights on my vehicle?

        Simple installation guidelines are included with each order of our personalized puddle lights. For best results, however, expert installation is advised.

      • 2. Do these lights fit all makes and models of cars?

        Even though we have a universal choice, several of our goods are made especially for particular automobile models. Refer to our product descriptions for information on compatibility.

      • 3. Can I customize the projection design?

        Yes, you may customize the projected light using our Graphics Design Vector Creation Add-On.

      • 4. Are these lights resistant to weather?

        ertainly, because they are made of weather-resistant materials, our bespoke puddle lights will last under a variety of circumstances./p>

      • 5. Do you offer a warranty on your puddle lights?

        Indeed, we guarantee the caliber of our offerings. For specifics, see our warranty policy.

      Illuminate Your Drive, Make It Yours

      Elevate your driving experience with pimp my ev custom puddle lights and door projector lights. make an impression show off uniqueness turn every drive into a memorable experience. explore our collection today and let electric vehicle shine with personalized illumination.