The Best Social Meetups for EV Owners

The Best Social Meetups for EV Owners

Electric Vehicles are becoming more and more popular around the country. In 2023, EV sales jumped by 65% as electric car prices dropped while EV charging locations increased.

Finding a place to charge your EV is no longer an issue in major cities across America. States, large companies, and the Federal Government all seem committed to making life easier for EV owners.

The only challenge EV owners have, and it is a small one, is to find a place to hang out together. If you have trouble connecting with fellow EV owners, here are some social spots to consider:

1.     EV Charging Events

EV charging events bring together manufacturers, software developers, and car enthusiasts together to discuss the future of Electric Vehicles. Whether you’re a new EV owner, a long-term Tesla owner or someone who dreams of owning an EV, attending an EV event can help you meet people with the same interests as you do.

This year, the biggest EV charging events in the US will take place in Las Vegas, Texas, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. Many of these events feature policymakers, research institutes, finance providers, and consultancies.

An EV charging event is an opportunity to discover new trends and ideas within the community. You also can learn about the best places to spend your time as an EV owner.

2.     Las Vegas Casino

All the major casinos in Las Vegas have EV charging facilities. Where you meet all depends on what everyone likes to do. If you’re a group of sports fans who bet occasionally, Caesars Palace is the place to go.

Caesars has six giant LED screens mounted around its facilities. Each screen displays multiple betting lines whenever there’s a major game. If you like to place slots, check out ARIA.

For food and non-gambling experiences, visit the Cosmopolitan or MGM Grand. The Cosmopolitan is packed with restaurant choices while MGM Grand offers special activities for non-casino fans.

A few of the casinos mentioned above own online gambling websites. So, the fan doesn't have to end after you leave Sin City. Check out for a guide on the best social casinos and sweepstakes in the US. Social casinos don’t ask for money. Yet, they deliver some of the best slots and table games in the world.

3.     Walmart

Walmart has an ambitious plan to win the hearts of EV owners. The retail sales giant plans to install 10,000 chargers in more than 2,500 Walmart and Sam's Club locations in the country.

So far, Walmart has installed 1300 chargers in 250 Walmart locations. If you live close to a Walmart, there's a strong chance it will have an EV charging port soon. Walmart is one of the best places to find household items, car parts, groceries, and clothes.

If you want to make friends with EV owners, consider charging your automobile at a local Walmart occasionally. If you're local Walmart doesn't have an EV charger yet, consider this option:

4.     Starbucks

Starbucks rolled out its EV charging network program in 2022. At the time, the company erected 60 chargers in Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Colorado and a few more states.

Volvo USA sponsored the program, meaning you need a car compatible with Volvo’s chargers to access this service. The charging network spans 1350 miles from Denver to Seattle and involves 15 Starbucks.

5.     7-Eleven

7-Eleven is yet another convenience store investing big dollars in electrifying its retail stores. Last year, 7-Eleven introduced EV chargers in Florida, Colorado, California and Texas.

Unlike most companies, 7-Eleven deals with high-voltage DC plugs only. These chargers can fill up a car’s charge to 80% within 30 minutes. You can check all the 7-Eleven stores within your city that have EV chargers.  If you’re lucky, you can make friends while charging within the store. 

6.     Sports Stadiums

Some of the biggest sports stadiums in the country are installing EV chargers within their facilities, from Las Vegas to New York. In Nevada, Allegiant Stadium recently partnered with Blink to create 24-hour charging spots within the NFL stadium.

Around the country, these are some of the biggest stadiums with EV chargers:

  • Mercedes Stadium in Atlanta
  • M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore,
  • Soldier Field in Chicago
  • Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara
  • Intuit Dome in Los Angeles

Coincidently, the stadiums mentioned above also rank highly in reducing carbon footprint. Some of the stadiums reduce wastage by recycling and reusing products to reduce the amount of waste directed to landfills. Others have installed solar panels and alternative sources of energy.

The beauty of meeting EV owners at stadiums is that you can connect with people who share two interests with you: sports and EVs. If you're lucky, you can meet a fan who loves your favorite football or baseball team.

7.     Cinemark Movie Theaters

We know. Movie theaters are a dying business. But if you still watch movies with friends at Cinemark, you’ll be glad to know the franchise has more than 160 EV locations.

The Cinemark website has a list of all locations with EV charging support. Many of the places feature fast chargers. That means you can easily boost your car’s charger to 80% or higher by the time you’re done watching a movie.

8.     Subway

Subway works with GenZ to install e-charging stations across the country. Unlike many franchises, Subway’s plan is to turn its restaurants into social hotspots for EV owners.

Each charging station includes restrooms, Wi-Fi support, playgrounds, and weather-resistant sitting areas. If Subway can actualize this plan across the country, EV owners will no longer need to worry about meetup spots.

9.     IKEA

Whether you want to buy a new sofa or table, you can count on IKEA to deliver great quality furniture. What you may not know is that you can also meet with new EV owners at IKEA all thanks to the company’s new EV charging project.

IKEA struck a deal with Electrify America in 2022 to install 200 fast chargers across 50 states. The company plans to install more than 500 charging stations in the country within five years.

10.  Tech Conferences and Events

A large number of EV owners love and support new technologies. Visit any major tech conference in the US and there’s a big chance you’ll meet new EV owners.

This year, some of the tech meetups to consider include TechCrunch Disrupt, which takes place in San Francisco. Then there’s Amazon’s AWS RE, scheduled for December in Las Vegas. You could also plan to attend the OpenAI DevDay, which will also be held in San Francisco later this year.


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