Model 3 Lighting Mods

      30 products

      30 products

      Tesla Model 3 Interior Lighting: Elevate Your Driving Experience

      We revolutionized the driving experience by modifying the lighting of the Tesla Model 3. Our exclusive collection of interior lighting mods is designed to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your Tesla Model 3. Discover the world of LED upgrades, programmable ambient lighting, and personalized features made only for your electric car.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tesla Model 3 Interior Lighting

      • 1. How simple is it to install interior lighting changes for the Tesla Model 3?

        Our lighting tweaks are very easy to install. Every part is made to be easily assembled; it just snaps into place. There are comprehensive instructions supplied to ensure a smooth operation.

      • 2. Can I adjust the Tesla Model 3 LED interior lights color and brightness?

        Of course! With the simple control choices provided by our LED interior lighting, you can customize the mood of your Tesla to suit your taste

      • 3. Are Pimp My EV's interior lighting mods compatible with all Tesla Model 3 versions?

        Indeed, our lighting modifications are made specifically for the Tesla Model 3, guaranteeing interoperability with different models.

      • 4. Do puddle lights on the Tesla Model 3 shorten battery life?

        No, our lighting modifications are energy-efficient and made with your Tesla's battery life in mind.

      • 5. What makes Pimp My EV's Tesla Model 3 interior lighting unique?

        Our lighting modifications are made specifically for owners of electric vehicles and combine design, creativity, and utility to improve your driving experience with a Tesla.

      Transform Your Tesla Model 3 Today!

      Explore our collection of Tesla Model 3 interior lighting mods here and immerse yourself in the future of automotive customization. Don't pass up the chance to use Pimp My EV to upgrade the inside of your Tesla. Drive with Pimp My EV and drive stylishly and innovatively.

      Tesla Model 3 Interior Light Mods - Choose From a Wide Variety

      Custom Door Projector Puddle Lights
      Installed in the door panels and project a custom image onto the ground when the doors are opened. Adds a cool visual effect and makes it easier to see where you're stepping when entering or exiting the car.

      Sequential Rear Fog Lights
      Designed to increase visibility in foggy or low-light conditions. The lights are programmed to flash in a sequential pattern, makING them more eye-catching and easier for other drivers to see.

      Retrofit Replacement Side Mirror Covers
      Add a custom touch to the car's exterior with retrofit replacement side mirror covers. These covers comes with sequential blinkers repeater turn signals.

      LED Interior Lighting kit
      The Tesla model 3 LED interior lights kit not only adds a cool visual effect but also makes it easier to find items in the car at night.

      Gloss Carbon Fiber Tailgate Light Side Covers
      For those who want to add a bit of luxury to their Model 3, these are a great choice. The covers replace the stock plastic covers on the rear taillights and are made of high-quality carbon fiber.

      Features Of Tesla Model 3 Interior Light Upgrade

      Custom-designed: The LED strip has been custom-cut specifically for model 3 & Y 2017-2020. Perfect interior light to add some excitement to your Tesla's interior

      Easy to setup: Installation of the LED ambient light kit is effortless as each component snaps easily into place with minimal equipment required.

      Hassle-free Control: Simply change the color, brightness with the app and have the new experience of driving your Tesla.

      Multi-colors: Come in RGB color and different tones for selection, you can customize the lighting to match your mood or the occasion.