Tesla Space X Emblem Badges Letters (3 options) - PimpMyEV
Tesla Space X Emblem Badges Letters (3 options) - PimpMyEV
Tesla Space X Emblem Badges Letters (3 options) - PimpMyEV
Tesla Space X Emblem Badges Letters (3 options) - PimpMyEV
Tesla Space X Emblem Badges Letters (3 options) - PimpMyEV Free Shipping
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Metal SpaceX Emblem Badge for All Teslas

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 If you like Tesla, you must also like SpaceX, right? Now is the time to show your support for SpaceX. Our 3d metal tesla emblem sticker badge for SPACE X enthusiasts is available for Model S, X, 3, and Y, so you can customize your vehicle today!

⇨ Installation: Installation of the SpaceX letters emblem badge is a breeze thanks to the Chrome Trunk Sticker's use of super-strong automotive adhesive and the ability to get installed without the use of any tools or drilling.

⇨ Variety of Uses: They can space x logo emblem badge sticker chrome letters be put to any clean flat surface, vehicles, car doors, car body, car side fender, car rear trunk, Front engine cover, etc.

⇨ High-Quality Material: The emblem sticker badge decals are composed of zinc-plated aluminum and powder-coated in either satin black or chrome to achieve their aesthetic appeal. These space emblems aren't made of cheap plastic. 

⇨ Self Adhesive: Thanks to the self-adhesive on the back of each letter, installation of SpaceX decals is a breeze. Only peeling back and putting it on clean bodywork is all you need to do. The letters SpaceX car decal are already positioned on the transparent film.


  • Step 1: Remove the old emblems. Apply heat with a heat gun on its lowest setting, then pry them off with a putty knife.
  • Step 2: Clean the area where you want to apply the emblem. If it is the previous emblem's location, use specially formulated adhesive cleaner to remove the adhesive. Use rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining grease or dirt and let the area dry completely.
  • Step 3: Use the level and painter's tape to create a straight line to mark the bottom or top of the emblem. You only get one chance to apply the emblem, so you want to ensure it goes on straight.
  • Step 4: Prepare the emblem. Either remove the tape off its back to expose the adhesive or apply adhesive to the back. If you apply adhesive, clean the back of the emblem thoroughly so dirt does not become trapped between the emblem and your car.
  • Step 5: Stick the emblem onto the car, using your painter's tape mark as a guide. You can apply a heat with heat gun at its lowest setting once again to make the glue stick better. Hold the emblem in place for several minutes to ensure it thoroughly bonds with the vehicle.

    Please do not wash the car within 48 hours.


For ultimate quality and an overall superior aesthetic, the Metal SpaceX Emblem Badge for All Teslas is your ultimate choice. SECURE YOURS NOW!


This item is shipped directly from our warehouse overseas. 

All efforts are made to ensure your item gets to you in perfect condition and ready for installation. 

No quibble 30-day refund or replacement from the day of delivery if the item is damaged or not fit for purpose.

Placement on Vehicle: Tailgate
Item Type: Logo Badges
Colour: Gloss Black, Matte Black, and Chrome
Fit: Model S, 3, X and Y

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