Ctrl-Bar Is the Hottest New Tesla Accessory

Ctrl-Bar Is the Hottest New Tesla Accessory

The sleek interior design of Tesla is both admired and reviled. The lack of tactile controls that drivers are accustomed to having at their fingers to regulate heat, music, and everything else in the cabin is the source of much resentment. The sleek appearance is appealing, but some drivers may find it difficult to operate while driving.

Here is where a new product, Ctrl-Bar, comes into play. Ctrl-Bar, which was developed by yvind Husby of Oslo, Norway, has approximately 300 backers on the crowdsourcing website Indiegogo and has surpassed its financing goal by more than 280 percent. The goal is to give a tactile, programmable answer to the minimalist interior design of Tesla vehicles.

The Design and Appearance of Ctrl-Bar: A Perfect Integration with Tesla

First things first, let's talk about how this thing looks. We've tested a lot of Tesla Accessories, and one thing that a lot of them struggle with is integrating with the Tesla in a way that maintains the OEM look and feel of the vehicle. It is immediately apparent that Greenmission is a business that clearly has a grasp on the situation.

A person who has never been inside a Tesla before would consider it to be a component of the vehicle without any further investigation. The product, in addition to having an attractive appearance, is constructed using high-quality components such as real glass and aluminium. The product also has a lovely appearance. But well, enough about the appearance, as you can judge for yourself based on the photographs. Let's talk about the capabilities of the Ctrl-Bar shortcut.

Ctrl-Bar Shortcut: Adding Actual Buttons and Customizable Features to Your Tesla

The product's primary use is to add actual buttons to your Tesla. You'll get access to two sizable knobs for climate control and four tactical buttons that can be programmed to do anything from turn on the seat warmers to engage dog mode to open the charging port or even unlock your garage door using MyQ.

It connects to your Tesla using Bluetooth and uses the Tesla API to exchange data. As a result, unlike with every other control-related aftermarket device for your Tesla, you won't have to disassemble your Tesla to install dongles and connections into your OBD port. ctrl-bar is a device that’s easy to attach to your screen and plugging in a USB wire to the socket on the back.

Crtl-Bar for Tesla Connections and Commands

Between the customisable buttons on the Ctrl-Bar will be a little screen that displays live updates and other data. Nevertheless, if you pay for a premium membership, it will scan the area for any fixed speed traps and provide a visual warning as you draw near. If you are going too fast, you will receive an audio alert. That's really awesome!

The Ctrl-Bar, as you saw in the introductory video, also has LED lights that you may programme to do one of two things. As one example, it may be utilised to create a nighttime atmosphere with a rainbow of colours, exactly like the ones seen in brand new BMWs and Mercedes. Mike Seuss, a popular YouTuber, has previously created a video about Tesla's LED Strips, and one of the big concerns people have about them is how to put them in. But with the LEDs already installed in a set of Ctrl-Bars, you could get a comparable experience without the bother, straight out of the box. 

With a strong white light, the LEDs may be utilized to illuminate the footwells and the center console, which is useful if you need to look for something that may have fallen between the seats or on the floor.

The lights are a fantastic touch that really elevate this product to the next level.

 ctrl bar

Ctrl-Bar | Indiegogo

Upgrades and Future Plans for Ctrl-Bar: The Perfect Accessory for Tesla Enthusiasts

Finally, Ctrl-Bar will get frequent over-the-air upgrades that incorporate user feedback to gradually add more functionality.

Green missions Manufacturers and Suppliers are ready to finish the Ctrl-Bar and get it into the hands of Tesla enthusiasts worldwide, but they need OUR assistance to make this happen. All of the photographs you've seen so far are of the prototype model.

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