Model 3 Lighting Mods

      24 products

      24 products

      Tesla Model 3 Lighting

      There are many ways to boost the look, feel, and driving experience of your Tesla vehicle through unique and interesting customizations. Among these improvements includes Tesla Model 3 ambient lighting modifications! Our Model 3 ambient lighting upgrade products feature easy application and installation. We offer Model 3 ambient lighting kit options for middle consoles, underneath knee bolsters, and trunks; we also carry lighting upgrades for the exterior. These lights are just bright enough to offer a unique cabin look and experience without distracting you while on the road. Built with high-quality multi-color LEDs, you have many options and total control when it comes to the style of your lights. Order your Tesla Model 3 interior lighting kit today! For further information regarding our ambient lighting modifications, please contact our friendly team at PimpMyEV.

      Tesla Model 3 Interior Light Mods - Choose From a Wide Variety

      Custom Door Projector Puddle Lights Installed in the door panels and project a custom image onto the ground when the doors are opened. Adds a cool visual effect and makes it easier to see where you're stepping when entering or exiting the car.

      Sequential Rear Fog Lights Designed to increase visibility in foggy or low-light conditions. The lights are programmed to flash in a sequential pattern, makING them more eye-catching and easier for other drivers to see.

      Retrofit Replacement Side Mirror Covers Add a custom touch to the car's exterior with retrofit replacement side mirror covers. These covers comes with sequential blinkers repeater turn signals.

      LED Interior Lighting kit The Tesla model 3 LED interior lights kit not only adds a cool visual effect but also makes it easier to find items in the car at night.

      Gloss Carbon Fiber Tailgate Light Side Covers For those who want to add a bit of luxury to their Model 3, these are a great choice. The covers replace the stock plastic covers on the rear taillights and are made of high-quality carbon fiber.

      Features Of Tesla Model 3 Interior Light Upgrade

      Custom-designed: The LED strip has been custom-cut specifically for model 3 & Y 2017-2020. Perfect interior light to add some excitement to your Tesla's interior

      Easy to setup: Installation of the LED ambient light kit is effortless as each component snaps easily into place with minimal equipment required.

      Hassle-free Control: Simply change the color, brightness with the app and have the new experience of driving your Tesla.

      Multi-colors: Come in RGB color and different tones for selection, you can customize the lighting to match your mood or the occasion.