Debunking Electric Vehicles Myths

Debunking Electric Vehicles Myths

Although many individuals are preparing to replace their gasoline and diesel engines with environmentally-friendly and pollution free electric vehicles, some misconceptions about the technology are still. Many drivers are still hesitant to make the transition, whether it's because of range anxiety, charging infrastructure, or battery life. We've compiled a list of the most prevalent misunderstandings about electric vehicles in order to dispel them.

EVs are slower than ICE automobiles

The only thing an EV and a milk float have in common is that they are both powered by electricity. Due to faster acceleration, electric vehicles appear to be faster than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts.

This is because the electric motor maximizes torque right away, without the need to rev up' and create speed beforehand. To witness hundreds of examples of electric cars leaving their fuel equivalents, even hyper-cars, in their trail, just search through the many internet drag race videos.

Electric vehicles are too expensive

The environmental benefits of electric vehicles cannot be overstated, but what about their cost? Another popular misperception regarding electric vehicles is that they are prohibitively costly. Although electric vehicles are more expensive to purchase, their operating and maintenance expenses are a fraction of those of gasoline car and diesel vehicles.

 EV rides can cost as low as 1p per mile for off-peak power. Vehicle Excise Duty is not paid by electric vehicle owners. Some EV manufacturers have lowered their pricing to allow purchasers to take advantage of the incentive.

Electric Vehicles have less maintenance cost (Source)

Electric vehicle batteries must be replaced every 5 years

We've seen plenty of headlines questioning EV batteries, asserting that they need to be changed every five years. This could not be further from the truth since most electric vehicles now on the market come with a guarantee of eight to ten years.

With over 10 million electric vehicles on the road today, there's no indication that their lifespans are any shorter than those of gasoline or diesel vehicles. The majority of electric car batteries have an eight-year (or 100,000-mile) warranty, although they are projected to last considerably longer. And the new batteries’ lifespans are continually improving

The time it takes to charge an electric car is excessive.

The time it takes to refill an EV vs an ICE is one of the most visible variances. While refueling an EV takes longer, some simple preparation can help you minimize the impact on your operations.

While the fact is that most charging takes place overnight in or near drivers' residences. New vehicles can often drive 120 miles on a single charge of 20 minutes, and charging speeds have grown by a factor of five in recent years.

Charging Electric Vehicles is easier and faster now (Source)

It is impossible to save money by driving an electric vehicle.

It's true that the initial cost of an electric automobile is more than that of typical gasoline or diesel vehicle, but there are considerable long-term savings to be had.

Drivers of electric cars can get up to £3,000 in government incentives toward the cost of purchasing a new vehicle and a 'Plug-in Car Grant' that reduces the list price of an EV. Furthermore, there are a number of tax incentives available to EV drivers that may help them save money.

There aren't enough automobile options for me.

Around the world, there should be around 500 different electric vehicle models. This gives each sort of customer the opportunity to find their ideal match. Electric cars' popularity has skyrocketed in recent years due to lower manufacturing costs and significant technological advancements. EVs will be available in a variety of designs very shortly. With a wider selection of models and designs, electric vehicles will become even more popular and accessible to a wider variety of people.

Final Thoughts

We hope we were able to dispel these three electric vehicle fallacies. With EVs, there is no wrong way to go. They are becoming increasingly popular, and the cost of battery cells is decreasing. Thanks to government incentives, the time to buy an electric vehicle is now. So, switch to electric vehicles now!

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