Model X Carbon Fiber

      81 products

      81 products

      Upgrading Your Ride with the Tesla Model X Carbon Fiber Body Kit

      Transform the appearance of your car with Pimp My EV’s Tesla Model X carbon fiber body kit! Be a trailblazer by installing one of the most innovative and stylish visual tuning components in the industry and give your vehicle a refreshing and distinctive new look.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • 1. What is the refund or return policy for your Tesla Model X carbon fiber kit products?

        For detailed information on our return or refund policies, please refer to our refund policy on the website or contact our customer support in case you require assistance.

      • 2. Are the carbon fiber products listed as "real carbon fiber" genuinely made from authentic carbon fiber material?

        Yes, at Pimp My EV, we ensure that all the products labeled as "real carbon fiber" are made using genuine carbon fiber material for an authentic and high-quality finish.

      • 3. What options are available for the round steering wheel replacement, and is it compatible with Plaid models?

        Our circular round steering wheel replacement is available for Tesla Model S/X or Plaid models from 2021 to 2023. Please check the product options for your customization choices.

      • 4. What color options are available for the leather seat back protectors?

        The Leather (vegan) Seat Back Protectors are available in six different color options for you to choose from. These include white, black, suede, cherry blossom, baby blue, and carbon fiber effects.

      • 5. How to install the carbon fiber trunk tailgate trim?

        The carbon fiber trunk tailgate trim, along with other kit components, comes with a double-sided tape that makes it easy to install them to your Tesla Model X.