Does the Tesla Model S have Air Suspension?

Does the Tesla Model S have Air Suspension?

Tesla's ongoing innovation in its electric vehicles demonstrates its dedication to advancing the state of the art in automotive technology. The Model S smart Air Suspension is just one example of Tesla's commitment to creating vehicles that offer a better ride quality than the competition.

In this article, we will delve into the realm of the Tesla Model S Air Suspension, discussing its features, advantages, and how it improves the vehicle's ride quality and handling for the driver and passengers.

Tesla Model S Smart Air Suspension: Everything You Need to Know

In place of conventional coil springs and dampers, the Tesla Model S features an innovative air suspension system. It allows the driver to change the vehicle's ride height to suit varying road conditions, terrains, and individual tastes. Some Model S trims, such as the Performance and Long Range models, can be outfitted with this adaptive air suspension technology as a paid add-on.

Tesla Model S Smart Air Suspension

The Model S smart air suspension in a Tesla Model S replaced the shocks of your car and can be set to automatically adapt the vehicle's ride height to the road surface. This has the potential to enhance the vehicle's handling, ride quality, and aerodynamics.

There are three primary parts to Tesla's air suspension system in the Model S:

  • Air springs: Cars with air suspension have bags that may be inflated or deflated to raise or lower the vehicle.
  • Compressor: The compressor is the tool used to fill the air springs with pressurized air.
  • Control unit: This is the brains behind the air suspension system, the control unit.

The Tesla Model S's air suspension system has multiple settings:

  • The vehicle's height will be adjusted automatically according to the road and weather conditions. For instance, when parked, the automobile will automatically lower, and when on the highway, it will automatically lift.
  • The vehicle's ride height can be adjusted manually using the touchscreen interface.
  • In the sport setting, the vehicle's air suspension will lower for better handling.
  • To make the ride more pleasant, the car's air suspension can be raised while the comfort mode is engaged.

The Tesla Model S has been equipped with a sophisticated air suspension system that is also quite dependable. The system can be fixed or replaced if it ever breaks.

Some benefits of the Tesla Model S's air suspension include the following:

Variable-Height Regulation

The Model S Air Suspension's ability to automatically adjust ride height is a notable feature. The ride height is automatically adjusted based on the driving speed and circumstances using air springs and electronically controlled valves. The suspension drops the car at higher speeds to increase aerodynamic efficiency, which helps the vehicle go farther between charges.

Variable-Height Regulation

Adaptive Suspension Damping

Tesla's smart Air Suspension features a wide variety of adjustable parameters that allow drivers to fine-tune the ride to their individual tastes. Standard, Low, High, and Very High are just a few of the driving modes that may be selected via the infotainment system. Drivers also have the ability to manually adjust and change the suspension using the touchscreen, providing unprecedented control over the vehicle's ride height.

Adaptive Suspension Damping

Improved Relaxation and Efficiency.

The adjustable Tesla smart air suspension works perfectly and does wonders for both the ride quality and handling of the vehicle. The option to alter the ride height improves comfort, especially over bumps and cracks in the road. The flexibility of the suspension to lower the car at higher speeds enhances stability and handling, providing a more engaging and safe driving experience.

Improved Load Capacity and Automatic Leveling

The automatic leveling feature of the Model S Air Suspension keeps the vehicle at a constant height no matter the load. The suspension adjusts to ensure the best possible ride quality and handling whether it's hauling passengers or freight. This is an excellent addition for longer trips, as it will keep passengers relaxed and secure.

Some drawbacks of the Tesla Model S's air suspension are as follows:

  • Compared to the standard suspension, air suspension is more costly.
  • Because of its increased complexity, air suspension is more prone to breakdowns than conventional suspension.
  • Upkeep: Compared to conventional suspension, air suspension calls for more regular upkeep.

Mastering Suspension Adjustments: Safely Removing Auto-Raising Locations and More

To Remove an Auto-Raising Location

To avoid damage, remove and replace your vehicle's auto-raising location properly for greater ride height and suspension control.

Adjusting Ride Height

Vehicle performance and handling are affected by ride height. This part will cover ride height adjustment methods, from air suspension systems to other specialized ways. The air lines in the Model S Air Suspension efficiently control the flow of compressed air, allowing for precise adjustments to the vehicle's ride height and ensuring a comfortable and dynamic driving experience.

Air struts

Air struts absorb road shocks and sustain the vehicle's weight.

Useful Tools

It is recommended to use tools that are essential for suspension adjustments and maintenance. They help to remove an auto-raising location automatically raise it, modify ride height, and operate with air struts.

Valve Manifold

Air suspension valve manifolds regulate airflow to air struts and ride height.


You may need to remove the wheel arch liner to remove the air strut.

Concluding Remarks

The Tesla Model Smart Air Suspension is a revolutionary improvement in car design that makes driving a dream. The Model S stands out from the competition thanks to its innovative air suspension system, which features adaptive height adjustment, adjustable settings, and improved ride comfort and performance.

This cutting-edge technology provides a smooth and pleasurable ride for drivers and passengers through enhanced handling and aerodynamics, automated leveling, and adjustable ride heights.

Model S Air Suspension is a clear example of Tesla's dedication to sustainable transportation as the company strives to improve and innovate its electric automobiles. The air suspension system improves the value of a vehicle by providing a number of advantages, including better ride quality, better handling, and better aerodynamic efficiency.

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