Tesla Accessories That Add To Your Tesla’s Luxury Vibe

Tesla Accessories That Add To Your Tesla’s Luxury Vibe

Your Tesla is indeed a luxury vehicle, but ask yourself “Does it really complete the feeling?” No offense, Tesla genuinely offers the best EVs and their numbers surely speak for them. The driving experience is one to die for, so much so that most owners prefer their Tesla for work, play, and even leisure. 

A stock Tesla interior won’t give you that “special” feeling for either of these things. There’s room for some touch-ups here and there, to kick up the feel by some notches. We’re not talking heavy-duty or custom mods – leave them to the hardcore clique. Always remember: “It’s the little things that make life big.” The same applies to your luxury ride, too. A couple of aftermarkets Tesla accessories can reshape your whole experience. 

Let’s break down some Tesla essentials that can help you get the best from your ride. Starting with the simpler ones, we’ll work our way up the ladder.

Newest Accessories for all Tesla Models

Nevertheless, the following is a list of some of the most popular accessories that are available for Tesla models:

This Tesla Wall Connector installation kit is a high-powered charging attachment installation kit that enables you to charge your Tesla in the comfort and convenience of your own home quickly and efficiently.


Tesla Wall Connector 

Tesla Wireless Phone Charger - This excellent product is a wireless charging dock that just fits perfectly, neatly, and effortlessly into the center console of your Tesla.


Tesla Wireless Phone Charger

Sunshade for Tesla Model 3 Glass Roof - This attachment is meant to reduce the amount of heat and glare that is caused by the sun, while also allowing your Model 3 to keep its sophisticated appearance.


Sunshade for Tesla Model 3 Glass Roof

All-Weather Interior Mats for the Tesla Model Y - These floor mats are meant to protect the interior of your Model 3/Y from dirt, spills, and other debris that may get into your vehicle.


All-Weather Interior Mats for the Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Roof Rack is a sleek and aerodynamic roof rack that enables you to haul skis, bicycles, and other large things on top of your Tesla. You can also use it to carry luggage.

The Tesla Center Console Organizer is an accessory that can help you maintain order and cleanliness in the center console of your Model S, X, or Model 3.

The Tesla Model S Center Console Insert is an attachment that, when installed gives you the ability to personalize the storage options and accessories that are available there.

Neck Support Pillows are Best Suited For Any Tesla Model

Comfort is a word often associated with luxury. Whether it’s long road trips or chilling with the Tesla infotainment system, you need to have a comfortable sitting posture for the time you spend in your Tesla. As the name of the great product suggests, Neck Support Pillows are the perfect choice to do the job for you. The vegan leather even adds a minor but effective classy feel. You hit three birds with one pillow: convenience, value, and style. That’s a pretty neat combination to have!

Neck Support Pillows

Neck Support Pillows

Aftermarket Tesla Accessories for Storage

We all carry everyday essentials with us. Keys, ID, sunglasses, and wallet, to each their own. But you can’t let these things hang on the dashboard or the back of your car. Doing that would just kill the luxury vibe of your Tesla. Nobody likes a messy cabin for obvious reasons. You need a storage solution that fits perfectly, to combat this common issue. And not something random that eats up space in itself. It needs to fit nicely and match the feel of your car. A center console storage tray is a subtle choice that will fit perfectly and won’t even feel like an add-on.

Wireless controllers to help you get that ‘kick’ from your Tesla gaming experience

Tesla couldn’t shy away from joining hands with the video game industry, giving the gamer community a lot of new products to work with. From playing arcade classics to modern console games, a premium wireless controller is the must-have for your arsenal. You will need one with a stable design to maintain that kung-fu grip for intense gameplay. Go for something that offers vibration feedback if you’re a fan of immersing in the action.

Wireless controllers to help you get that ‘kick'

If you’re someone who just practically lives in their Tesla, you’re going charging acceo absolutely love and want this at the same time. Spending the better part of your time inside the car calls for a data and charging partner to lend a hand in times of need. This certain partner needs to have some qualities. It shouldn’t use up too much space, should support fast charging and needs to have the perfect balance of Type-A and Type-C USB ports. You never know when you’ll end up needing one or the other, so it’s better to e prepared with a USB Hub & Splitter.

Which Floor Mats are the Best for My Tesla

The 3d maxpider kagu floor mats have the look and feel of traditional carpeting because they are made of many layers. This gives them maximum security and gives them the look of traditional carpeting.

Where to look for The Model 3 3d Maxpider Floor Mat

People think that the 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Liners are one of the best things you can add to your car because they are a clever way to protect the inside. Using advanced laser scanning technology, this floor mat for your Tesla Model 3 is made to fit it in a way that covers it fully. Pimp My EV has a great collection of maxpider 3d mats made just for the Tesla Model 3.

The Model S 3d Maxpider Floor Mat

3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Liners protect the inside of your car in a new way and are one of the best customizable car additions. Using high-precision laser scanning technology, each floor mat is made to fit your Tesla Model S perfectly and cover as much of the floor as possible. The best maxpider 3D mats for Tesla Model S can be found at Pimp My EV.

3d Maxpider Floor Mats for Model Y

If you want high-quality, durable floor mats for your Tesla Model Y, 3D Maxpider is a great option. With options like the 3D Maxpider Model Y floor mats, you can get a perfect fit and great security for the inside of your car no matter what the weather is like. The modern 3D scanning technology used to make these make sure they fit properly on the floor of your car. 3D Maxpider has other options for floor mats for your Tesla, or any other model, too. There are plush and all-weather Maxpider floor mats in their collection, as well as 3D mats made just for Tesla cars. You can easily find what you need to keep your car looking great, whether you want the 3D Maxpider Tesla Model Y floor mats or something else. You can find a great selection of Maxpider floor mats for your Tesla Model Y at Pimp My EV.

Cool Tesla Upgrades for Protection

As one of the most successful electric vehicle manufacturers in the world, Tesla is well-known for releasing new products on a regular basis and releasing upgrades to its vehicles in order to improve performance, range, and overall user experience. The following is a list of some of the most notable Tesla upgrades:

Adding aftermarket seat coverings to your Tesla is an update that may be both useful and stylish. This upgrade offers advantages in terms of functionality as well as appearance.

Aftermarket paint protection film for your Tesla can give a number of benefits, including protection against scratches, rock chips, and ultraviolet rays, preservation of the vehicle's condition and look, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness in comparison to repairing or repainting an area that has been damaged. It is almost undetectable, it does not change the vehicle's original design or style, and it may contribute to an increase in the vehicle's market value. Installing aftermarket paint protection film on your Tesla is an improvement that is both practical and important because it provides protection and preservation while also being simple to maintain and cost-effective.

Screen Protector: A scratch, a smudge, or any other form of damage can be prevented from showing up on the display of your Tesla by using a screen protector, a material which is a very thin layer of plastic. Screen protectors are available in a variety of materials, the most common of which are tempered glass and PET film. You can buy screen protectors for y Tesla model and all other Models as well.

Dashboard Upgrades

Upgrades to the dashboard are available for Tesla cars from a range of third-party manufacturers and include the following:

Wrap for the Center Console: An aftermarket wrap for the center console can add a more customized look to the inside while also protecting the vehicle's original finish.

Dashcams are mounted on vehicle dashboards and can record video of the driver at all times. These video cameras offer protection in the event of an accident.

Pad for Wireless Charging: If you have an aftermarket wireless charging pad, you may use it to charge your smartphone or another device that is compatible with it without using any cords.

Head-Up Display: An aftermarket head-up display can project information onto the windshield, such as speed and navigation instructions, allowing you to maintain your eyes on the road while at the same time providing additional information.

Upgraded Carbon Fiber Interior Trim: Adding upgraded carbon fiber inside trim to your Tesla can give it a look that is both more high-end and more sporty.

Lighting that creates a sense of atmosphere and color can be added to the interior of your Tesla by installing aftermarket ambient lighting.

Mats For the Floor: Custom floor mats can give the inside of your Tesla a one-of-a-kind look while shielding it from wear and tear caused by dirt and debris.

It is of the utmost importance to check that any aftermarket dashboard enhancements or accessories you invest in are compatible with the model of your Tesla vehicle and will not render your warranty null and void. Before making any major modifications to your vehicle, it is strongly recommended that you discuss your plans with an experienced Tesla mechanic beforehand.

Lighting Upgrades for your Tesla

The cars produced by Tesla can be upgraded with a variety of lighting components that can improve not only their appearance but also their level of functionality and safety. The following is a list of some of the upgraded lighting options that are available for Tesla vehicles:

LED Headlights: The LED headlights of the Tesla improve both visibility and safety while driving by producing a lighter, more natural-looking illumination than traditional headlights. LED lights also consume less power than conventional headlights, which helps to expand the range that a car's battery is capable of providing for the vehicle.

The interior of a Tesla car can be upgraded with a lighting feature called ambient Lighting, which gives the cabin a gentle glow and is a popular lighting upgrade option. Through the use of the car's touchscreen display, the driver is able to make adjustments to the lighting in order to produce a variety of different ambiances and moods.

Upgraded Fog Lights: Drivers who frequently navigate in hazy or misty circumstances will benefit greatly from the installation of upgraded fog lights. These lights produce a beam that is both low and wide, which helps to brighten the roadway in front of you, making it much simpler to navigate when visibility is poor.

Lighted Door Handles: The Tesla's lighted door handles give the automobile an air of sophistication while also serving a practical purpose. When the driver approaches the vehicle, these door handles illuminate, making it much simpler to locate them in low-light conditions, such as at night or in parking lots.

Puddle Lights: When the doors are opened, the puddle lights illuminate the ground below, which serves as a helpful guide when entering and exiting the vehicle while it is dark outside.

The Tesla's brake lights have been modified with a one-of-a-kind function that causes them to pulse rapidly whenever the driver applies heavy pressure to the brake pedal. This serves to inform other drivers that the Tesla is rapidly slowing down, which can lessen the chance of drivers hitting the Tesla from behind.

As a whole, these lighting changes have the potential to improve the operation, safety, and look of Tesla automobiles, ultimately giving drivers a more satisfying experience behind the wheel.

Full Upgrade Sets

Your vehicle's exterior and interior can be completely redesigned with one of the several complete upgrade packages that Tesla has available for purchase. These sets often contain a variety of interior and exterior enhancements that can improve the aesthetic of your Tesla, as well as your level of comfort and its overall performance. The following is a list of some of Tesla's available complete upgrade sets:

The performance of your Tesla can be significantly improved with the addition of a number of different enhancements that are included in the Upgrade Set. This package comes with an enhanced brake system, wider rims and tires, and a spoiler made of carbon fiber. These changes have the potential to improve the vehicle's handling as well as its acceleration and overall functionality.

Interior Upgrade Set: The Interior Upgrade Set is comprised of a variety of different interior modifications that are intended to improve both the level of comfort and the overall appearance of your Tesla. This package features high-end components such as Alcantara upholstery, embellishments made of carbon fibre, and LED lighting in the door sills. These enhancements have the potential to make your Tesla feel more opulent and sophisticated.

The Exterior Upgrade Set is comprised of a variety of exterior enhancements that are intended to improve the overall look and feel of your Tesla. These upgrades can be purchased separately. Options to eliminate chrome are included in this set, in addition to carbon fiber accents and aerodynamic upgrades. These improvements could give your Tesla an appearance that is both more sporty and more aggressive.

Premium Connectivity Upgrade Set: The Premium Connectivity Upgrade Set is comprised of a variety of components that were developed with the intention of enhancing the connectivity and entertainment choices available in your Tesla. This package comes with a variety of capabilities, some of which are satellite radio, real-time traffic visualization, and over-the-air software updates.

Upgrade Set for Complete Self-Driving Capabilities: The Upgrade Set for Full Self-Driving Capabilities is comprised of a variety of features that are intended to enable complete self-driving capabilities in your Tesla.

Overall, these comprehensive upgrades transform your Tesla into a more luxurious, high-quality top-performance vehicle that is loaded with cutting-edge features and technologies.

Final Thoughts

Although Tesla provides a lot of features to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction but the above-mentioned aftermarket Tesla accessories can really do wonders. These accessories are some of the essentials that can help you create a personal sense of comfort and luxury in your beloved Tesla. Sure, the company provides a fully-featured vehicle that stays true to its price tag. But a couple of quality aftermarket accessories won’t hurt anyone. It’s about choosing the right accessories and ones for sale for the right price and reasons. There’s no need to go overboard and stuff your Tesla with unnecessary items. Every add-on serves a purpose, and if you can relate to that purpose – Go ahead and it gets it for your Tesla today!

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