How to fix changes in teslas v11 holiday update

How To Fix Changes in Tesla's v11 Holiday Update

Tesla has released an update and Tesla's newest update includes a slew of exciting new features, including an incredible holiday light show. In addition to introducing new functionality, Tesla entirely overhauled the user interface, which we'll look at today.

An Overview of Changes Made in Version 11

Let's go through all the new features in V11 v11 holiday software update before we get into the redesigned user interface.

This update includes:

Changes made to the menu structure. You can now add several stops and rearrange their order, and the map's data can be hidden for a more streamlined experience.

TikTok, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sudoku are just some of the additional forms of entertainment that have recently been added, and now even Battle of Polytopia may be played with many players.

It should also be pointed out that games like Sonic and Cuphead need the use of a controller.  Also, the audio configurations have been updated. There are now five, as opposed to three, varying degrees of subwoofer output and surround sound.

The functionality of the mobile app has been expanded so that the car's outside speaker can be used as a megaphone, allowing you to communicate with persons outside the vehicle from within.

Signaling a lane change or turn now activates blind spot cameras. When the turn signal is activated, the driver can choose between a live feed from the left or right fender camera.

You'll find the option to enable automated blind spot cameras under the autopilot settings following the update, where it was previously disabled.

Because it is mounted atop the turn signal, the camera is nearly rendered useless at night, and I find this feature to be a little rough around the edges.

People in Asia, Australia, and Europe may now use the Tesla mobile app to watch live video from their autopilot cameras while driving in Sentry mode, a feature previously only available in the United States.

The cold weather capabilities have also been enhanced. You may now preheat the cabin or heat the charge port in chilly situations by activating cold-weather functions during a Low state of charge. In addition to this, automatic seat heating has been included, meaning that the heated seats will turn on depending on the temperature in the car.

 tesla s new v11 ui

First look at Tesla's new v11 UI

How to Correct the v11 update Tesla Changes

You might be both shocked and annoyed by the design decisions. But, after a few days with the new user interface. you will found solutions to make things somewhat simpler once again.

Included in the new UI is the option to add and delete applications from your Home Screen. However, you cannot change or remove settings, and you can only add up to four apps. With this new capability, you can reinstall lost applications such as sentry cameras and Bluetooth settings, but not user profiles or connection settings. The configurable app drawer will not completely resolve the issue, but it will assist.

Those who desire the windscreen wiper settings to return to the main screen. You may quickly access these settings by clicking the button on the left stock of the windscreen wipers. This will open the settings where they were previously located on the main menu.

To quickly access the heated seats and window defroster, swipe left on the cabin temperature to see a menu containing these features.

There is also a solution for people whose music app consumes an excessive amount of screen real estate when playing music. Just hit the button with three lines and a triangle, and the additional bar will disappear; you can then slide down to see only the currently playing content or remove the entire screen.

I would also want to highlight that you can use voice commands to perform virtually any task, which can make things simpler if you enjoy utilizing that function. Nevertheless, key commands such as examining the tyre pressure are now inoperable. I anticipate that many new features will be implemented in the future.

V11 Improvements

Despite the fact that I am still somewhat dissatisfied with some of the UI decisions, there are a few aspects that I appreciate.

Summing it Up

We liked that the redesigned controls page now shows huge icons instead of lists, that the text type is now bolder and more modern-looking, and that the driver and passenger climate controls are now separated.

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