How to Use A Foam Cannon On Your Tesla

How to Use A Foam Cannon On Your Tesla

Does washing your Tesla use more time than you would like? Are you causing more outside harm by utilizing inefficient methods? Perhaps it's time for you to learn how to wash your automobile using a foam cannon with our foam cannon instructions.

Compared to the traditional mix of sponge and foam cleaner, a foam cannon vehicle wash is more efficient. This is the equipment that car owners throughout the world would love to have in their arsenal: it is effortless and effective. Why would you even consider using a foam cannon? Exists magic within the foam? Nope. Just plain ole soap! The paint of Tesla's is very delicate, making it easier to damage while washing. However, if it is sprayed with foam first, a lubricant barrier is created, making it simpler for dirt and grime to remove before we use our wash mitt.

The time of day that you wash your Tesla is another crucial element. Avoid direct sunlight, so early morning or dusk is optimal. This will prevent the sun's harsh rays from prematurely drying off the soap.

Preparations for cleaning your Tesla:

  • Foam Cannon Kit - Purchase a low volume foam cannon for your pressure washer or a soap foam gun with many nozzles. These attachments let you choose from numerous spray patterns that are optimal for washing the car's exterior.
  • Tesla Pressure Washer - Select an appropriate pressure washer that can deliver the ideal amount of volume and pressure to create a dense foam. You can choose between a gas-powered and an electric foam cannon for power washers.
  • Car Shampoo
  • Water — Water will be required to pre-rinse and clean the vehicle following foam application.
  • Rinse Bucket
  • Microfiber Wash Mitt/Towel - You cannot use just any towel to remove the foam from the automobile, otherwise you risk dragging grit that has become stuck in the towel's fibers. Instead, a microfiber mitt will gently remove any dirt particles without causing any damage to the paint.

Steps to Follow:

  • First, we'll fill our shampoo bottle with WARM water and add an ample amount of shampoo. I often use the same amount as I would for a 5-gallon bucket. Additionally, do not shake it! Simply stir it, and you will obtain an effective remedy.
  • Put that aside and let's wash the vehicle. With the suitable pressure setting and nozzle angle, the clear coat should be safe from damage. Look for paint chipping and make a mental note of these spots so that you can keep the nozzle further away as you proceed around the vehicle. We want to drench the entire vehicle and attempt to remove any large trash and insect guts. The higher the degree of the nozzle, the wider the spray, so a nozzle with a degree of 0 will expel water in a straight line. Spreading out the angle allows you to clean a larger area, whereas a tight stream will assist you to reach inside cracks. Always begin with the widest angle and spray from 5 to 7 feet away from the car, before moving forward and/or narrowing the angle until you achieve adequate coverage with sufficient force.
  • Once you've wet the vehicle, let's use our cannon to spray it down. Work from top to bottom and cover the entire vehicle. There are other settings available while spraying, such as the ability to change the spray angle from vertical to horizontal. You can also alter the soap output, but let's face it: we want all of it! Use whatever is left in your bottle to return to those problem locations and apply it (rockers, and bumpers).
  • Grab your wash mitt, submerge it in your rinse bucket, and begin by gently gliding it over the roof. Work from the top down. After a few passes, flip and wash your mitt to avoid picking up debris that could scratch the paint. After thoroughly wiping off the surface, use the spray gun to remove the remaining soap. Remember to thoroughly clean all the crevices and moldings surrounding the vehicle.
  • Now that everything has been cleaned, we will get towels and dry the Tesla. If you're not using a water filter, your water likely contains minerals. Allowing this to cure naturally may result in water spots when the water dries, leaving minerals on the paint. You may need to polish these if they sit for too long.
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