Paint Correction Vs Paint Touch Up

Paint Correction Vs Paint Touch Up

It's easy to get the terms "paint correction" and "paint touch up" mixed up. So, ideally, you'll be able to tell the difference between the two and get exactly what you need. Let's get started with a little anatomy lesson on your car's paint. The substrate (or metal) is at the base, followed by the primer, the paint, and finally the clear coat.

Paint Correction

The normal use of your vehicle will inevitably result in tiny clear coat scratches, etch marks caused by bird faeces, and possibly some swirl marks caused by poor washing. Also, avoid using self-service car washes at all costs! Oxidation will also cause your paint to become less shiny over time.

You may paint remedy these minor flaws and restore the shine by polishing down the top clear coat to go beyond the damage. This will allow you to get around the flaws.

In a nutshell, the following steps make up the process of painting correctly:

  • Wash your car
  • Clay bar
  • Unwet car
  • To the point where the clear coat is damaged, polish the surface.
  • Polish the vehicle.
  • Protect by using a sealant.

Paint correction can be thought of as undoing the damage done to the vehicle's paint and making it appear as though you have just purchased the vehicle all over again. However, this is a restricted method because there is only a certain amount of material that can be worked with before moving on to the painting stage. In order to maintain its protection, it is essential to apply a sealer, wax, ceramic coating, or PPF after the process is complete. PPF is the superior choice since it offers protection against a wide variety of hazards, including rocks, whereas the other options are not as robustly constructed.

It is also crucial to mention that despite the fact that it is possible to do it yourself, you will need a high level of skill to accomplish this task because there is very little room for error. It is imperative that you take extreme caution to avoid polishing or sanding past the clear coat by accident.

Paint Touch Up

However, car paint touch up is used to hide extensive damage, such as that caused by rock chips. These are not superficial scratches; they have through the paint and primer and exposed the metal underneath. The plan is to fill in the cracks, then do a smooth polish touch up paint.

You can do it yourself using a paint correction kit or hire an expert. Ultimately, the decision rests with you. The key is to use as little paint as possible so that it is easier to achieve an even coat. Too much will be difficult to sand off and return the car to its original state.

In brief, below are the procedures for performing a touch-up:

Please wash your car.

  • The clay bar
  • Leave no moisture on the car
  • Paint over the damaged area (You can use a toothpick, small brush, syringe, or an applicator pen)
  • Let it dry
  • Level It

Don't do this on any dents in the metal; you'll have to fix them with metal putty or replace the panel afterward. Doing it on rusty surfaces is also a bad idea because it will require replacing the panel.

There will also be flaws. Even more so if you don't have the correct paint colour. From 1 foot away, the repair can be obvious, but from 5 feet away, it won't be.

Putting ceramic coating over freshly-repaired paint for a gleaming finish is tempting after one of these two methods, but it won't protect the paint. Instead of painting it, apply PPF to keep it in pristine condition. The thick film shields from damage caused by stones and other sharp objects.

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