Pro Tips for Hot Weather EV Driving

Pro Tips for Hot Weather EV Driving

Hot weather may have many detrimental effects on your electric cars, including a rapid deterioration of the battery's health and can harm an electric vehicle, causing range loss, bodywear, and tear, and battery replacement prematurely. Most EV drivers know that cold weather can reduce range and that operating the heater can exacerbate the problem. However, most drivers overlook the impact of hot weather.

However, Your electric car's health will not be harmed if you take the proper precautions to safeguard it while it's hot outside. Check out our top suggestions for keeping your electric car safe this summer.

Make use of the preconditioning feature.

Almost every EV has preconditioning. Preconditioning lets you prepare for adverse weather, so your EV is ready to go when you are. Preconditioning works by regulating the temperature inside an EV. Simply input the weather prediction into your vehicle's mobile app to adjust the inside temperature.

If the weather is going to be really cold, preconditioning will warm up the EV's interior so you can get started right away. In hot weather, EVs will drop the hot temperature inside the car to keep it cool. When preconditioning an EV, the battery temperature adjusts as well. Using this option will keep your car running smoothly and prolong battery life.

Leave the Car in the Shade

We've all had the unpleasant sensation of getting into a hot automobile after a long day in the heat. This oven-like heat might overheat the automobile battery. If you can keep it in the shade or in the garage while plugged in, you can avoid using the battery management system and save money on air conditioning and other active cooling systems. Investing in tinted windows and a parasol for the windshield are other passive cooling solutions that reduce the need to cool the automobile.

Keeping Electric Cars in the shade (Source)

Keep cool behind the wheel too

Any automobile, especially electric vehicles, suffers from abrupt starts and pauses. When we drive too quickly and then slam on the brakes, make screech tires, or hit the gas too fast, we increase the wear and tear on the car. Keep your car's life expectancy up by skipping the speed/brake cycle even if you have to give up your second cup of coffee or set your alarm five minutes earlier.

Charge gently at night and keep plugged in

Investing in a Level 2 home charger is a great first step. The Blink HQ 100 is an affordable way to charge your EV overnight. Charging under the scorching sun wastes your battery and uses up the power infrastructure. In the summer, avoid using Superchargers throughout the day. Thermal management systems regulate battery temperature in EVs when plugged in. While plugged in, the battery will stay cool. Remember to disconnect when using public charging stations so others can charge. It will also help you avoid any occupancy costs.

Use less number apps when driving.

When you open many apps on your phone, it gets hotter and slower. Electric car batteries react similarly. The more background processes your EV has, the hotter the battery. In warmer temperatures, it's best to close non-essential external apps. Game applications, text messaging, and music streaming services are just a few examples of functions that may be disabled to preserve battery life.

Last year, the best-selling automobile of the month outsold the second-place Mini by 5000 units (Source).

High-Speed Driving

Unlike driving a combustion engine automobile, driving an electric car uses more energy as you accelerate. Electric automobiles need more energy at greater speeds than standard gasoline cars. If you drive 100 miles at 30mph, you will have more battery accessible than if you drove the same distance with a gas engine. For every rotation, your motor makes, the more battery power it consumes.

Final Thoughts

By taking advantage of these easy techniques–from keeping your car plugged in the evening to remove your foot off the accelerator a few seconds earlier–we’re convinced that you’ll notice a consistently expanded range while minimizing your lifetime maintenance expenses. Following these basic techniques might help you get the most out of your EV in hot weather and stop recharging a lot less than you may be used to.

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