Rivian Details R1T Storage Options and Dives into the Truck's Specs

Rivian Details R1T Storage Options and Dives into the Truck's Specs

Considering purchasing a Rivian R1T but have questions about its features and dimensions? If you were curious about the R1size T's and capabilities, you won't have to be after the startup manufacturer released a slew of details and stats.

First, we'll have a look at the vehicle's three different trunks (the bed, the gear tunnel, and the front trunk).

The R1T is 217.1 inches in length, making it perfectly comparable to other vehicles that fall inside the "mid-size" category. The length of the bed is 54 inches or exactly 4.5 feet. When compared to other pickups of a similar size, that's on the low end of the spectrum. It's just as long as the bed of a Hyundai Santa Cruz, a little car. While this may be a concern for some who want a full five- or six-foot bed, Rivian makes this trade-off to improve the electric truck's off-road performance and make it simpler to operate in tight situations by minimizing the overhang at the back. The car also features an expandable and collapsible crossbar system. There is a load-bearing plate that closes the gap between the tailgate and truck bed when the tailgate is set flat, maximizing the 50-inch width between the rear wheel arches. According to Rivian, its bed is built of a corrosion-proof compression-molded structural composite.

 New Rivian R1T Details

New Rivian R1T Details (Source)

The tailgate may be unlocked with the remote, a button on the bed rail, controls within the vehicle, or the Rivian mobile app. Once inside, you'll discover two 15-amp 110-volt outlets, four tie-downs on the bed rails (which may be used for cargo crossbars), and two LED lights to illuminate the bed in the dark. The tyres, among other things, may be inflated with the help of the in-bed air compressor.

The R1T is equipped with an under bed cleverly designed storage area, just as the Honda Ridgeline. However, if you remove the wheel and tire, it can serve as a cooler/storage box (it has a drain stop) and can accommodate your full-size spare tyre. You also get two factory tonneau covers, one motorized and one manual, for additional covered Rivian storage. The powered cover may be operated either using the vehicle's own buttons or the Rivian smartphone app.

The front trunk of the vehicle, which Rivian claims has 11 cubic feet of space, is next. Its unique design makes it perfect for stowing away two massive ice chests. A cargo net is provided for stowing away miscellaneous objects, and its bottom detaches to reveal a charging dock for the truck's mobile device. You may unlock it using the key, a button on the outside under the light bar, controls within the car, or the app. If you need to plug something into electricity in the compartment, there is a 12-volt outlet accessible.

In the midst, you'll discover the Rivian storage tunnel. It's not very spacious, but at 65 inches in length, it's perfect for long and narrow objects. LED lights illuminate the space, and a 12-volt and 110-volt power outlets are available. In addition, you should know that itis 18.1 inches in width and 20.3 inches in height in case you wanted to conduct some in-home measuring to see whether your use case is feasible.

The Most Remarkable Adventure

The Most Remarkable Adventure (Source)

The trailer hitch was the subject of Rivian's final tidbit of information. Rivian, like some others today, built it with a cover that must be removed to reach the hitch. Two screws and you'll be gazing at the receiver, as claimed by Rivian for aerodynamic reasons. The maximum weight for towing is 11,000.

Be on the lookout for additional enticing information as Rivian readies manufacturing of the R1T and R1S in the coming months, as more in-depth analyses like this one are said to be on the way.

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