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Settings To Make Immediately After Picking Up Your Tesla


Tesla's interior and accessories are both user-friendly and quick, allowing for complete command of the vehicle.

Customizing Your Experience: Settings After Picking Up Your New Tesla

It's critical to be aware of the many settings accessible when configuring your new Tesla after delivery and to modify them in accordance with your preferences and requirements. depending on your settings you can make your experience age-appropriate if relevant and guarantee that you get relevant material and advertisements.

The homepage and tailored ads are crucial settings to take into account. You can get more relevant offers and information based on your likes and preferences by giving Tesla permission to use your data for personalized advertisements. However, it is crucial to take precautions to safeguard your personal information and to be aware of the possibility of spam, fraud, and abuse.

Similarly to this, you will have a customized youtube homepage and tailored recommendations based on your viewing history when you use YouTube on your Tesla. This can improve audience engagement and site statistics, but it's crucial to be aware of the possibility of harmful content or data exploitation.

Overall, it's critical to strike a balance between the advantages of customized content and advertisements and the demands for security and privacy. You can ensure that you have a great and customized experience while also safeguarding your personal data and avoiding abuse by properly configuring your settings.

With so many options available in the Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X, we've listed the essential things to do in a Tesla that you need to know and set up as soon as possible.

Create Profile

Create profile tesla Settings such as seat position, outside mirrors, and display are kept in a shape. You can create a profile if you are a car owner or driver. To accomplish this, go to the settings by clicking on the automobile icon located in the bottom left corner of the main screen. Then, select the character icon located in the upper middle. Simply click "Driver profile settings" to access the profile-creation interface.

Adjust Seat

You may adjust your seat using the controls on the left side. You may make adjustments to the screen and then store those modifications right in your profile. Once you click the save button in the pop-up box that appears in the bottom left quality of those services, the process of managing your privacy settings is complete.

Tesla seat Adjustment after picking up

Tesla seat Adjustment after picking up (Source)


Adjust Mirrors and Steering Wheel

The Tesla settings' "Vehicle" tab is where you'll find the "Mirror" and "Steering wheel" options. Set both here using the left selection wheel on the steering wheel and conclude the procedure with the save button so that it is instantly recorded in your profile.

Create a Mobile Keypad

As soon as you see your Tesla in the Tesla App for Apple iPhone or Android, you may also set up your cell phone as a key. If the car doesn't appear after pickup, try restarting the app or logging in again. The option to use your phone as a key will then be available on the main page for your vehicle. It's going to require a key card to get in. As soon as you launch the app, it will walk you through the steps of the phone key-up procedure.

Enable Mobile Access

By enabling remote access to your automobile via your mobile device, you can get in and out of your car whenever you choose. In the settings, you will find the choice "Allow mobile access" under "Security" at the top. As soon as you put it on, you may use the app on your cell phone to access your car while you're out and about. Simply flip the switch labeled "Activate keyless driving" below this paragraph to "start" the automobile from afar.

Connect Mobile Phone Via Bluetooth

To play music from your cell phone or to make calls using hands-free technology, you have to link your Tesla to the mobile phone through Bluetooth once. To accomplish this, go back into the vehicle's settings menu and click the Bluetooth icon in the upper-right corner.

Connecting Bluetooth Model X and S

Connecting Bluetooth Model X and S (Source)

Save Home and Work Addresses

If you go to the "Navigate" tab in the top left of the map window, you'll be able to store your home address as a viewing and your location of a house, and your office as a file number. Click on each one and input the address. If you search for an address and then place the map pin at that location before clicking the star, you may add that location to your list of favorites.

Activate Online Route Planning

You should absolutely enable "Online route planning" in the navigation options. In this approach, delays caused by traffic may be anticipated, and a different route can be chosen if necessary.

Turn on the Air Conditioner

When you pick up your Tesla, the air conditioning is typically switched off. To turn it on, click once on the temperature gauge in the black bar at the bottom of the screen, then click "Auto" once to configure the climate control. You may set the temperature using the arrows immediately in the bottom bar adjacent to the thermometer or by clicking on the temperature and then swiping left or right.

Activate Automatic Windscreen Wipers

If it starts to rain, use the rain sensor to turn on the windshield wipers. The windshield wiper settings in the Model 3 and Model Y may be accessed with a single push of the button on the side of the selection lever to the left of the steering wheel. Next, a menu will appear on the bottom left of the screen when you swipe the cart once. With a click on "Auto", the windscreen wipers will be triggered automatically when it rains.

Modify the Lighting 

The automatic dome light may be adjusted by selecting "Auto" in the "Lighting" submenu of the Settings menu. As soon as you open the door of your vehicle, the light in the interior lights on. In the dark, your Tesla will still be visible thanks to "Steering Wheel Lights," which illuminates the wheel itself, and "Headlight Afterglow," which causes the headlights to glow after you've left the car.

Customize Display and Formats

By default, the screen's dark mode is activated upon collection. This prevents nighttime glare from the display. In contrast, the display may be adjusted to "Bright" or "Auto" in the settings menu. With "Auto", the automated mechanism guarantees that the display is dark at night and bright throughout the day. Additional customization options become available as you scroll down the page.

Set Steering Mode

Under "Pedals & Steering" you may decide in the settings whether the steering mode is in "Comfort", "Standard" or "Sport" mode. The ease with which the steering wheel may be adjusted varies depending based on the general location of your settings and the selected mode. For the city, it is more relaxed to set the way to "Comfort", on the highway you can also set it to a tougher level.

Tesla Steering Mode

Set Tesla Steering Mode (Source)

Adjust Assistance Systems

The support systems are not completely active in the beginning. To achieve this you should tick the items in the "Autopilot" menu in the settings below. It is advisable to activate the collision warning and also to set the lane departure correction at least to warn. With these preferences in place, the automobile would sound an alarm if it sensed an impending crash. With the other buttons at the bottom of the page, you may also engage in active intervention. Tesla would, for example, stop automatically if the driver of the car does not react.

If you utilize the steering assistance or "autopilot" The toggle for "Steering Assistant (Beta)" must be turned on before you can use Tesla. However, this is not available immediately after collecting, but must first be calibrated based on past activity during the initial travels. This happens automatically and Tesla will show you the status of this procedure on the left side of the display.

Turn on the Dashcam and Security Alarm

If there is an accident or it is tight, you can activate the dashcam in the automobile. Tesla always supplies automobiles with a USB stick on which these video recordings can be kept. To achieve this, activate the dash cam's "Auto" setting under "Security" in the menu. If Tesla notices an accident, the vehicle automatically stores the last recordings on the USB stick. You may also enable the sentry mode by setting it to "On".

Get the Latest Software Updates

As the last step, you can adjust a setting to prioritize the timely delivery of software updates to your device. Enable "Advanced" under "Software update settings" by selecting "Software" from the menu.

Let's take a look at some awesome Tesla Accessories for Setting Up Your New Tesla After Picking Up

After you pick up your new Tesla, accessories can help you set it up in a number of ways. Here are a few instances:

  • Protection: Tesla accessories like seat covers, floor mats, and car covers can help shield your car's inside and exterior. If you reside in a region with severe weather, this is especially crucial because it can help avoid damage from rain, snow, and other factors.
  • Convenience: When it comes to charging and storage, there are a number of Tesla accessories that can simplify your life. A centre console organizer, for instance, can help you keep your things organized while driving, while a wall connector or charging adapter can make it simpler to charge your vehicle at home or while on the road.
  • Safety: Add-ons like dashcams, parking sensors, and backup cameras can help make your Tesla safer. These features can aid in accident avoidance and offer video proof in the event of an incident.
  • Style: Tesla accessories allow you to further alter the appearance of your car. There are several ways to customize your Tesla to stand out on the road, from unique wheels to carbon fiber spoilers.

In general, purchasing Tesla accessories can improve your driving experience and safeguard your investment over time.

Role of Personalized Content and Ads in Setting Up Your New Tesla

By giving the content you're currently viewing more specialized information and offers based on your interests and preferences, personalized content and advertisements can be useful in helping you set up your new Tesla after pickup.

For instance, the mobile app for Tesla might offer you personalized material like news and updates, including details about managing the business and its goods. Additionally, you can use the app to follow your vehicle's performance, book service appointments, and modify your vehicle's settings.

Tesla may also use your information to offer you personalized advertisements for goods and services that may interest you. For instance, activity like the videos above, if you frequently take road trips in your Tesla, you might see advertisements for travel-related goods like luggage and camping equipment.

The fact that personalized information and advertisements are based on your data and online behavior, however, should be noted since it may cause privacy problems. Tesla takes the issue of data privacy seriously and offers users a number of ways to manage their data and reject personalized advertising.

Overall, by presenting you with pertinent information and offers, personalized content and adverts can develop and improve new your experience as a Tesla owner. But it's crucial to understand your data privacy rights and take precautions to safeguard your personal data.

Final Words

In addition to the handy Tesla features, and Tesla tips above, some of the top Tesla accessories for your Model 3, Y, S, and X can make your ownership experience a lot better. So, wait not to check out amazing products on Pimp My EV now.

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