What Accessories Come With Tesla Model 3

What Accessories Come With Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3's electric motor, cutting-edge technology, and stylish design have made it a global phenomenon. In addition to its impressive standard equipment, this electric car also offers a variety of useful accessories that improve the vehicle's use and make it a joy to own. The Tesla Model 3 is more than a car; it's a way of life, and we're going to explore all the cool extras that come with it featured in this piece. The Tesla Model 3 is a well-liked electric vehicle with several convenient extras as standard equipment. These extras are meant to improve the quality of your time spent as a proud owner.

The UMC Charging Cable and Universal Mobile Connector

In order to charge your Tesla Model 3, a Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) is included in the package. You may use it with any charging network on the globe thanks to the included adaptor, which works with multiple charging standards. You may even use a regular wall outlet to charge using a standard NEMA 5-15 adaptor.

UMC Charging Cable and Universal Mobile Connector

Three J1772 Adapters

Tesla includes a J1772 adapter with every Model 3 for use with public Level 2 charging stations. With this adaptor, you can utilize the broad network of charging stations that adhere to the widely adopted Level 2 standard.

Three J1772 Adapters

Access Control: Key Cards and Remotes

The Model 3 has several entry and ignition options. There are two key cards provided that may be used to unlock the car by tapping them on the door pillar and starting the engine with a single tap. If you prefer the feel of using actual keys, you can buy key fobs sold separately.

Access Control: Key Cards and Remotes

12-Volt Power Supply

In the extremely unlikely event that you need to jump-start your Model 3 from another vehicle's empty battery pack, Tesla has thoughtfully supplied a 12-volt adaptor for just such an occasion.

Mats for the Floor and the Trunk

Tesla Model 3 floor mat set for the Tesla Model Y or 3, tires, wheels, and luggage mats are included to help you keep the inside of your Model 3 looking like new. The all-weather trunk mat will not only keep the inside of your car safe but will also give it a more refined look.

Devices That Require Charging

Owners of the Model 3 also receive a whole suite of charging Model 3 essential accessories in addition to the UMC. A J1772 charging adapter, a bag for storing said adaptor, a cable organizer, and a charger with a Tesla-branded pouch are all included.

Equipment by Tesla

Fans of Tesla will see images of the company's logo subtly included in a number of the Model 3's included extras. You may rep your Tesla roots with anything from a keychain pouch to a baseball cap to a stainless steel water bottle.

Instruction Book and Paperwork

An owner's manual detailing the Model 3's advanced capabilities and functions is, of course, provided. Additionally, Tesla supplies useful documentation, such as warranty details, maintenance schedules, and more.

A Go Bag

The Model 3 comes standard with a rudimentary emergency kit, reflecting Tesla's emphasis on safety. A first-aid pack, warning triangle, high-visibility vest, and gloves are all part of the equipment, which will come in handy in case of an emergency.

A Go Bag

Model 3 Center Screen Protector

It's impossible not to be impressed by the Tesla Model 3, what with its cutting-edge aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, and cutting-edge user experience. The remarkable central touchscreen, which can be used to manage almost every aspect of the ride, is a focal feature of this driving experience alone. Many Tesla Model 3 customers use a center screen protector, which serves as a practical and aesthetically pleasing means of protecting and prolonging the life of this vital component.

Model 3 Center Screen Protector

The Main Display: A Work of Art in Technology

The massive touchscreen display is the focal point of the Model 3's cabin. The horizontally oriented touchscreen that spans the dashboard is the nerve center for managing the vehicle's media, climate, and other features. The Tempered Glass Screen Protector designed for the Tesla Model 3 Dashboard Touchscreen offers a high-quality solution for protecting the dashboard. The inside of the car benefits greatly from its sleek simplicity and user-friendly interface.

The Tesla Mobile App: Convenient Access to Your Vehicle

The Tesla smartphone app is one of the most notable aspects that exemplifies the Model 3's technological integration. Using this software, you can keep tabs on your vehicle and adjust its settings from afar. When accessing certain features through the Tesla mobile app, you typically may be prompted to enter a passcode for identification purposes. The app enables unprecedented flexibility and convenience, from checking the battery level and charging progress to pre-conditioning the cabin temperature before you go inside. If you have any questions or concerns about your Tesla vehicle, you can contact Tesla directly for assistance and support.

The Tesla Mobile App: Convenient Access to Your Vehicle


Must-Have Tesla Model 3 Accessories Exterior and Interior

  • Wrapping your Tesla's center console with this can prevent scratches and fading. It's also a fun way to customize the inside of your Tesla. The lowest-priced item is roughly $30.
  • Guards for the door sills prevent damage to your Tesla from scuffs and scrapes. They're useful if your kids or dogs have a habit of banging their paws against the door frame. Starting at roughly $20.
  • Keep Watch Mode Video recorded by Tesla's Sentry Mode can be saved on a USB drive. While your Tesla is parked, Sentry Mode will record video of any suspicious activity. The lowest-priced item is roughly $30.
  • When you approach or leave your Tesla, the ground beneath the doors will be illuminated by lights shaped like the Tesla logo. They're a classy addition that makes your Tesla that much better. Pricing begins at close to $50.
  • Sunshade for Tesla vehicles helps to block the sun's rays and maintain a comfortable interior temperature. If you park your car in the sun frequently or if you live in a particularly sunny area, a parasol may be a wise investment. The lowest-priced item is roughly $30.


In conclusion, the Tesla Model 3's appeal extends beyond its impressive electric performance and advanced technology. The carefully curated set of accessories that accompany the Model 3 elevates the ownership experience to new heights. From charging convenience to interior protection and brand representation, these accessories cater specifically to the various needs and preferences of Tesla owners.

Speaking of accessories, Tesla Model 3 best accessories give your Tesla Model 3 a stylish and unique chrome delete without having to break the bank. Elevate the allure of your Tesla Model 3 with the Matrix Black Kit, available at a regular price, for a sleek and sophisticated exterior transformation. Each accessory adds a layer of personalization and functionality that enhances the joy of driving a Model 3.

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