Model 3 Carbon Fiber Mods

      285 products

      285 products

      Best Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Accessories

      Carbon fiber mods are increasingly popular among Tesla owners and EV drivers everywhere. The strong build and light design of our Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber accessories give them a sporty and expensive feel, upgrading the driving experience of your ride. We offer a wide range of parts for you to choose from, including a carbon fiber interior trim kit, steering wheel and airbag top covers, exterior accent parts, seat control button covers, door trims, and much more! Not sure which Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber parts are right for your vehicle? Contact us today here at PimpMyEV, and our friendly team can provide additional support and information.

      Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Accessories

      Explore an extensive selection of premium accessories at Pimp My EV designed to personalize and enhance your Tesla Model 3.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • 1. What types of Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber accessories are available at your site?

        We feature a diverse range of carbon fiber accessories for the Tesla Model 3, including interior and exterior customization parts. Some featured products include an interior trim kit, steering wheels, exterior accent parts, seat control button covers, door trims, and more.

      • 2. How to determine the right carbon fiber parts for my Tesla Model 3?

        If you are uncertain about which carbon fiber accessories are suitable for your Tesla Model 3, our team can help. Please contact us for personalized assistance and additional info. Our team can guide you in choosing the right carbon fiber mods that will suit your preferences and enhance your driving experience.

      • 3. What quality assurance measures do you employ for the Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber interior kits?

        We offer high-quality carbon fiber accessories for the Tesla Model 3. Our interior kit, which includes items like the carbon fiber center console cover, steering wheel cover, and door handle trims, undergoes rigorous quality control. Before being stocked or shipped, each product is carefully inspected to ensure it meets our strict specifications, guaranteeing that customers receive premium carbon fiber accessories for their Tesla Model 3.

      • 4. Are your Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber accessories convenient in terms of installation?

        Our Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber accessories are designed for perfect compatibility and offer an easy installation experience without the need for extensive modifications. With our mods, you can easily upgrade and enhance your vehicle's interior and exterior.

      • 5. Can I expect performance benefits from your carbon fiber accessories for Tesla?

        While the primary purpose of carbon fiber accessories is to enhance the visual appeal of your Tesla, some accessories may offer performance benefits. For example, our carbon fiber spoilers can increase downforce at higher speeds, and carbon fiber hoods can contribute to weight reduction. The decision to choose carbon fiber for your Tesla comes down to personal preference and the overall driving experience you aim to achieve. We offer a variety of carbon fiber accessories, so you can customize your Tesla according to your preferences and potentially enhance certain performance aspects.

      Quality Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Interior Kits

      PimpMyEV has the best carbon fiber accessories for Tesla Model 3, from interior to exterior customizing parts. Our interior kit includes:

      • carbon fiber center console cover
      • steering wheel cover
      • door handle trims
      • seat control button covers
      • the bumper extensions
      • airbag top covers
      • the rear diffuser in carbon
      • the carbon spotlight

      The products we offer are manufactured according to our strict specifications. We check and control the products before being put in stock and shipped.

      Why Buy From PimpMyEV

      Scratch and Liquid Resistant

      Designed to withstand daily use without any signs of wear and tear. Also, carbon fiber is scratch and liquid resistant, so you don't have to worry about damage from spills or minor impacts.

      Made with 100% real dry carbon

      All accessories and parts are made with 100% real dry carbon, ensuring that they are lightweight yet durable.


      Designed specifically for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with your vehicle.


      All carbon fiber mods are easy to install. No special tools or modifications are required. Detailed instructions is available with each product, as well as video tutorials.