Model S Steering Wheel Mods

      19 products

      19 products

      Upgrade Your Tesla Model S Steering Wheel with Pimp My EV's Exclusive Mods

      Your Tesla Model S comes with a conventional steering wheel that works, but what if you could improve control and comfort? For that reason, Pimp My EV has a selection of steering wheel modifications available. You're going to have an unmatched driving experience whether you choose the cutting-edge carbon fiber steering wheel or a replacement for your Tesla S steering wheel.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • 1. Can I apply these modifications to my steering wheel?

        Although certain modifications could be do-it-yourself projects, for best effects, we advise hiring an expert installer.

      • 2.Do the steering wheel modifications come with a warranty?

        Indeed, Pimp For extra peace of mind, My EV offers warranties on our steering wheel modifications.

      • 3. What is the duration of the installation process?

        Although installation timeframes differ, our knowledgeable staff works quickly to get you back on the road.

      • 4. Is it possible for me to further alter the steering wheel mods?

        Definitely! More personalization choices are available with My EV to accommodate your tastes.

      • 5. Do these modifications void the car's warranty?

        A worry-free update is guaranteed by our modifications, which are made so as not to breach your Tesla's warranty.

      Elevate Your Tesla Driving Experience Today

      Whether you're considering a Tesla S steering wheel replacement or opting for the cutting-edge carbon fiber upgrade, Pimp My EV has you covered. You'll be traveling in luxury and style in no time, thanks to a wide selection of products and professional installation services. Check out our Tesla Model S steering wheel modifications on our website right now to begin personalizing your vehicle.

      Upgrade Your Tesla Model S Steering Wheel with Pimp My EV – Drive in Style, Drive in Comfort!

      Visit our website today to explore our exclusive Tesla Model S steering wheel mods and transform your driving experience.