Tesla Model S Accessories

      65 products

      65 products

      To personalize your Tesla and give it a fresh look, all you need are a few Tesla Model S accessories and modifications. Modifications not only look awesome, but they can also add value to your EV. You'll find quality, stylish, and long-lasting modifications for EVs right here at PimpMyEV. Take a look below at some of our popular Tesla Model S accessories and mods, such as puddle lights, airbag covers, pedal covers, mud flaps, emblems, steering wheel replacements, door handle protection covers, and much more. Add a few mods and accessories to your cart today to instantly take your Tesla to the next level.

      High-Quality Tesla Model S Must-Have Accessories

      Shop from our exclusive collection of high-quality Tesla Model S must-have accessories. Retail or wholesale orders; parts or accessories; anything else, do not look further than us. Let’s Customize We have years of industry experience that got us trusted sellers worldwide. Let us customize select products for you. Simply send us your designs and we’ll do it for you. Do read the instructions. Not all products are customizable. Enjoy our no-questions-asked 30 days returns policy.

      Best Tesla Model S Aftermarket Products

      PimpMyEV has an exclusive collection of must-have Tesla model S aftermarket accessories

      Door Projector Puddle Lights - Lights that project an image or logo onto the ground when the door is opened, adding a touch of customization and style to your Tesla.

      Soundproof Strips - Apply the strips to the door seals and other areas to reduce the amount of outside noise, making your Tesla quieter. Glow-in-the-Dark Door Button Stickers - Give a sleek and modern look to the buttons of your Tesla with these glow-in-the-dark button stickers and add-on options.

      Emblem Badge Letters - Individual letters that can be added to the exterior of your Tesla to spell out a word or phrase, adding a personal touch to your car. Fiber Steering Wheel Turning Knob - Add to the steering wheel of your Tesla to make it easier to turn the wheel, especially for drivers with limited hand strength or mobility.

      Pet Covers for Tesla S - Specially designed covers that protect the interior of your Tesla from pet hair, scratches, and other damages.

      Storage Bins - Custom-made bins that fit into the storage compartments of your Tesla, providing extra storage space for small items. Keep checking the space for what’s new in the product catalog. Chat with one of us and make a call for all your questions on our car accessories.