Aug 18, 2020

Why Tesla Owners Love Carbon Fiber

Why Tesla Owners Love Carbon Fiber

Posted at 11:00 • August 17, 2020 • Dom Sutanah

Our Tesla accessories store features a lot of carbon fiber components. It’s not by accident. Tesla owners really love carbon fiber. So, you may be reading this, wondering why this is the case. Sit back, relax, and read on. You’ll definitely understand why you should join the wagon.

Tesla promueve los accesorios

¿Sabía que el modelo de fabricación de Tesla lo alienta a usted y a otros entusiastas y propietarios de Tesla a comprar accesorios para sus vehículos, aunque sea indirectamente? Como propietario de un Tesla, es posible que haya llegado a la conclusión de que Tesla, la empresa, es más una empresa de tecnología y software que un fabricante de vehículos. Quizás porque un Tesla tiene más software que cualquier coche con motor de combustión. O que la empresa respalda un ecosistema tecnológico que permite actualizaciones periódicas que, a su vez, promueven una mejor experiencia de manejo para los propietarios de Tesla cada vez.

Por lo tanto, se puede decir que Tesla se enfoca más en los aspectos tecnológicos y de software de su negocio. ¿Pero por qué no? Es una de las razones por las que Tesla todavía está a la cabeza en el mercado de vehículos eléctricos (EV). Además, lo ha convertido en el fabricante de vehículos más valioso del mundo, como se ve a través del rendimiento de las acciones y la capitalización de mercado de Tesla.

Sin embargo, también es la razón por la que las personas eligen comprar accesorios y modificaciones de Tesla . Así es como.

Tesla’s Minimalistic Approach

Tesla has what we can refer to as a minimalistic approach to manufacturing its vehicles. For instance, the Model 3 was launched in July 2017 while the Model Y was released in March 2019. In this almost two-year period, it’s expected that Tesla should have come up with new technologies and components which it would then integrate into the Model Y, right? Well, wrong.

Contrary to expectations, the Model Y shares about 76% of its parts with the Model 3. This was done to help the company reduce the manufacturing expenses by increasing the economies of scale in its supply chain. Hence, Tesla could negotiate lower prices with its suppliers. Additionally, the move would help Tesla solve problems such as delays experienced in its service centers since parts would be delivered quicker and more easily.

Furthermore, unlike other manufacturers that allow buyers to choose from a wide range of options, which they then integrate into the vehicles and deliver accordingly, Tesla doesn’t. Instead, it sells and ships cars with very few options. Currently, if you intend to purchase a Tesla Model Y, you can only choose the following:

  1. One of two car choices: either the performance or the long-range
  2. One of five exterior color choices
  3. One of two interior color choices
  4. One of two interior layouts (number of seats)

The reduced catalog from which a customer can choose also applies to all the other models. What you receive, as a result is a basic, bland-looking vehicle.

Aftermarket Accessories and Mods

As such, as a Tesla enthusiast, jumping the hoops and hurdles that the manufacturer has put in place regarding the reduced options, comes naturally. Essentially, it’s doing what Tesla has failed to do or is unable to do by making your car prettier and no-longer-basic. You accomplish this by buying aftermarket accessories and mods with the primary intention of making their electric vehicles eye candy, aggressive-looking, and unique.

At PimpMyEv, a Tesla accessories store, we solve Tesla’s limitations by offering you accessories for either interior or exterior decoration, dashboard mods, and even spoilers for Model S,Model 3,Model X,Model Y. The common denominator is that our accessories are made of carbon fiber. So, why carbon fiber, and why do Tesla owners love carbon fiber?

Por qué los propietarios de Tesla aman la fibra de carbono

Aspecto atractivo

En primer lugar, la fibra de carbono se compone de una fibra de carbono tejida, que está laminada. La apariencia tejida es atractiva. Luego se acentúa con el laminado de resina epoxi que une las fibras y también brinda un acabado brillante general. El producto final es un componente exquisito y ligero.

En este sentido, comprar accesorios y modificaciones de fibra de carbono para un Tesla se hace para agregar belleza. Vale la pena mencionar que Tesla produce vehículos de lujo. Como tal, los accesorios se suman al atributo de lujo del EV y son emblemáticos de magnificencia y exclusividad.

Notablemente, ningún material disponible puede replicar las capacidades de la fibra de carbono. Tiene un color negro profundo, un acabado de alto brillo y una apariencia tejida que se percibe a simple vista y también se puede sentir en cuanto a la textura. Es imposible no amarlo.


Tesla owners also love carbon fiber because it doesn’t add any noticeable weight that would otherwise reduce the batteries’ range or vehicle performance. Though it hasn’t been explicitly proven in any scientific study, we used results from tests by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reveal that weight impacts a Tesla’s range.

Figure 3: Model 3 Range

A 2019 Model 3 has a curb weight of 3624 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 4805 pounds.

Figure 5: Model S range

On the other hand, a 2016 Model S has a curb weight of 4576 pounds and a GVWR of 5710 pounds. With 85.53 kWh of energy, the Model S had a range of 342.42 miles (figure 4), while the Model 3 had a range of 367.6 miles, with 61.99 kWh of energy (figure 2). Even with less battery energy, the Model 3 had a more extended range, alluding to the effect of weight on this parameter.

Carbon Fiber Is Here To Stay

Carbon fiber accessories and mods are, therefore, preferred because they’re decorative without adding any weight that would adversely impact a Tesla’s range. As such, they’re particularly advantageous to electric vehicles (EVs).

Physical Properties

Carbon fiber is considered a wonder material because it has many desirable properties. These include self-lubrication, high toughness, and strength. It’s easy to forge into shape and can, therefore, make a plethora of vehicle components. Also, carbon fiber doesn’t corrode or rust even without any paint or primer, unlike metals. It doesn’t rot like wood.

The high toughness means that forged carbon fiber can be made into a front lip or rear spoiler and still have guaranteed longevity. You can also use it as a side mirror cover,door handle protection covers or pedal cover, too, especially because these parts are susceptible to scratches.

Performance Reputation

Like every other car enthusiast, Tesla owners associate carbon fiber with performance and quality. This is so because performance vehicle manufacturers such as McLaren and Lamborghini prefer carbon fiber parts because of their lightweight and strength. As such, by purchasing accessories made from carbon fiber for your Tesla, you are assured of having advanced and quality materials in or on your vehicles.

With this background, visit our Tesla accessories store.. It has all the carbon fiber accessories and mods you need for whichever Tesla model you own. They are guaranteed to make your Tesla EV more aesthetically pleasing, aggressive-looking, unique, and eye candy. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the aesthetic improvements.


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