Do I Need a Screen Protector for My Tesla?

Do I Need a Screen Protector for My Tesla?

Several criteria determine whether a Tesla screen protector is necessary. Therefore, the three most prevalent reasons for needing a screen protector for your Tesla are as follows:

  • Fingerprint smudge removal
  • Overall resistance to wear and tear
  • Glare elimination and screen visibility enhancements

After buying a new mobile device, one of the first things we do is buy a screen protector. Protecting your expensive electronics from fingerprint smudges and scratches while reducing glare is the primary function of a screen protector. With a screen protector on your smartphone, the screen is less likely to crack if it falls from your hands.

But does the touchscreen of a Tesla really require all that security? It's not like a wallet or phone that may get scratched or broken if dropped. If we put a screen protector on my Tesla, would it only help with glare and fingerprints?

The Tesla dashboard is not a scratch-proof environment for the screen. Scratches are easily visible on the inside of any automobile, but they stand out more on the shiny black plastic accents.

The Tesla's touchscreen is not completely scratch-proof, although it does offer some resistance to damage. Due to its size and the fact that it is used to operate the majority of the car's features, the touchscreen's susceptibility to scratches is high.

Ultimate Protection and Interior Upgrade

A Tesla's touch screen is vulnerable to scratches from sharp or metallic objects if not protected by a screen protector. Given that we use our fingers to navigate the touch screen, we run the risk of scratching it with jewelry like a ring, diamond or watch. In addition to adopting the best ways to clean the touch screen, using a touch screen protector is recommended.

Using a matte or glossy screen protector for your touch screen will not only prevent scratches but will also lessen the reflection off of your screen. Tesla's touch displays are extremely reflective, which can make it difficult to read the display and can distract the driver.

Finally, Tesla customers would be thrilled to not have to deal with fingerprint accumulation on their enormous touch panels. The inside of a Tesla is a thing of beauty because of the car's futuristic minimalism, so smudged fingerprints on the screen are a major eyesore.

PET Plastic Protector

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film is the most basic form of screen protection for your Tesla. This is the film that plays on your car's touch screen as it drives away from the dealership.

For safety, some Tesla owners prefer not to remove the PET coating from the touch screen. Plastic film protectors, on the other hand, are quite thin and offer little scratch resistance. PET film screen protectors are resistant to scratches caused by fingernails, coins, and keys.

TPU Screen Protector

TPU is another type of screen protector (thermoplastic polyurethane). TPU screen protectors will give a better feel and greater protection than PET screen protectors.

TPU is more transparent than PET film and has elastic qualities, allowing it to absorb mild shocks more effectively. TPU's flexibility also allows the material to self-heal, however, a harder impact may still leave dents.

TPU screen protectors are also more resistant to oil, grease, and abrasion than PET screen protectors, making them a superior choice.

Matte Screen Protector

If you're bothered by fingerprints and glare, a matte screen protector could be just what you're looking for. Matte screen protectors feature a frosted texture and diffuse rather than reflect light.

Tesla Matte screen protectors have a less sticky texture than glass, making them more resistant to fingerprints.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered Glass Screen Protector 15inch (Matte) for Tesla Model 3 (Source)

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered glass is created by using regulated heat and chemical treatments to provide improved strength. Most tempered glass screen protectors have a hardness of 9H, providing the best-in-class protection for your touchscreen.

Tempered glass is also anti-reflective, which reduces glare, and it generally has an oleophobic coating, which makes it slightly resistant to fingerprints.

Check out this amazing tempered glass screen protector for Teslas and other cars.

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