2Pcs Genuine Forged Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Covers for Model 3 2017-2021

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A totally unique carbon fiber side door mirror trim...

PimpMyEV is proud to bring you a new unique carbon fiber product. A new carbon fiber design that has been created with a unique hand forging process. Instead of 2x2 or 3x3 twill weave, this product encapsulates thousands of small shards of carbon fiber interlocked in different positions and depths to give off a 3d look that mimics real onyx marble. This product really is a thing of beauty. We are proud to be able to bring these products for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. 

Because of the success of these new products, we are experiencing a slight delay in fulfillment during production runs, however, we are shipping all orders within 1 week. 

A one of a kind unique look for your Model 3. This genuine carbon fiber fascia which has been precision engineered with the exact fit for Model 3.

The fascia attaches to side mirrors giving it an immediate luxury look that accentuates your style!

 Genuine carbon fiber -  Real carbon fiber with a totally unique design, never seen before

 Gloss & Matte options-  Go for gloss or a subtle matte finish carbon fiber to suit your taste

 Unique look -  A new carbon fiber forging process that gives a new design.

 Precise fit - Manufactured with real-world tolerances for a snug fit

The cover attaches on top of the existing chrome side mirrors. 

Stunning design that makes your car stand out from the crowd..


  1. Genuine Gloss Carbon Fiber Black
  2. Genuine Matte Carbon Fiber Black



This new design mimics natural onyx marble



Genuine carbon fiber layers are used in the production of this fascia. 

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The fascia comes with double-sided tape. It easily sticks on the existing panel with no special tools. The measurements are an exact fit for your Model 3.

For ultimate quality and an overall superior aesthetic, the 2Pcs Genuine Forged Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Covers for Model 3 is your ultimate choice. SECURE YOURS NOW!


Shipping & Delivery - 100 Unicorns

This item is shipped directly from our warehouse overseas. 

All efforts are made to ensure your item gets to you in perfect condition and ready for installation. 

No quibble 30-day refund or replacement from the day of delivery if the item is damaged or not fit for purpose.

Placement on Vehicle: Side door mirrors
Colour: Onyx Marble Black 
Item Diameter: 30cm
Item Height: 13cm
Item Length: 29cm
Item Width: 18cm
Material: Genuine Forged Carbon Fiber
Item Weight: 492g

Fit: Tesla Model 3