Genuine Carbon Fiber Lower Steering Wheel Fascia for Model 3 2017-2021

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Real Carbon Lower Steering Fascia

Make your steering wheel look like a custom job!

Specially designed for Model 3, this steering wheel top fascia just clips on to your steering wheel immediately uplifting the look. This fascia goes well with our vast range of carbon fiber mods. It provides an easy solution to complete the look. 

  REAL Carbon fiber -  Carbon fiber trims that are precision-engineered to fit Model 3 Steering Wheel

 Unique look -  Gives your steering a completely unique look making the standard steering pale in comparison.

 Precise fit - Especially manufactured with real-life tolerances to ensure a precise fit.

The fascia attaches to your steering wheel giving it an immediate luxury look. 



Genuine carbon fiber layers are used in the production of this fascia. 

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The fascia simply clips on to your steering with no special tools or tape and will stay intact. Please clean your steering wheel with alcohol wipes before the application. It is an exact fit for your Model 3 original steering wheel.

For ultimate quality and an overall superior aesthetic, the Genuine Carbon Fiber Lower Steering Wheel Fascia for Model 3 2017-2021 is your ultimate choice. SECURE YOURS NOW!


Shipping & Delivery - 100 Unicorns

This item is shipped directly from our warehouse overseas. 

All efforts are made to ensure your item gets to you in perfect condition and ready for installation. 

No quibble 30-day refund or replacement from the day of delivery if the item is damaged or not fit for purpose.

Placement on Vehicle: Steering wheel
Item Type: Steering wheel fascia
Material: Real Matte Carbon Fiber
Fit: Tesla Model 3