Premium Noise Reduction Rubber Seal Kits For Tesla Model S

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Self Adhesive Premium & Snug

Noise Reduction Full Car Kit For Model S

These kits in a set specific for your car and are cut to size, ready to apply on your Tesla Model S. This upgrade provides essential road and wind noise reduction inside the cabin at low and high speeds.

 Custom cut to size - Sized according to all the different panels, doors and trims of your car for a perfect fit (with a few cm extra just in case)

 Adhesive pre-applied - Easy DIY installation, just peel off and stick to your car for a worry free installation. 

 Superb noise reduction - Unlike other cheap and thin noise reduction sets, these provide a snug fit between your doors and panels for the best noise reduction available on the market. 


Careful consideration has been made to ensure that our kits are convenient, offer great value, and are your best choice for superb road noise reduction. Don't settle for anything apart from the best. 


All trims are numbered and come with instructions to tell you which area, door or panel they will fit. All you have to do is peel off the 3m adhesive protector and stick on. You may cut off any excess that may be left. Please leave for at least 2 hours to cure before using your vehicle. 

For ultimate quality and an overall superior aesthetic, the Premium Noise Reduction Rubber Seal Kits For Tesla Model S is your ultimate choice. SECURE YOURS NOW!


Shipping & Delivery - 100 Unicorns

This item is shipped directly from our warehouse overseas.  

All efforts are made to ensure your item gets to you in perfect condition and ready for installation. 

No quibble 30-day refund or replacement from the day of delivery if the item is damaged or not fit for purpose.

Placement on Vehicle: All door panels, hood, trunk.
Item Type: Noise reduction kit
Material: Rubber
Fit: Tesla Model S